Mittwoch, Februar 04, 2009

New beginnings


The last few days were filled with a little bit of sewing and tons of knitting. I've been sick at home since last thursday. The wave of beeing sick has hit me with a biiiiggg cold and lots of caughing but I'm a lot better now and will try to start to go to work tomorrow (even if DH is complaining, that I made him stay at home last friday because he was a little ill and I'll be back to work when I'm worse but I have such a baaad concience if I'm sick at home. I know that his behavior is totally stupid, but I promise to go to the doctor if I don't feel well.)

I totally know, that my colleagues will make me go to the doctor as well. But at least I will get some work done before they arrive and I will get rid of the boxes of wine, that I have here for them :)

O.k. back to the topic!
Since my socks are done (just plain vanilla and already in the laundry. I will take pictures and will scale them (is that the right term?). The FLS just needs buttons. I will see to that too and will post a picture and all the infos about how much yarn and so on...

But now to the new projects:

La Parisienne Beret
Pattern: La Parisenne Beret by sockpixie ( I still think it should be Parisienne...)
Yarn: Wetterhoff Sivilla, that I got from a secret pal pal plus the remnants of my Magic Mirror socks. Which I also forgot to show you, so here they are:

magic mirror 3
Pattern: Magic Mirror by Jeannie Cartmel
Yarn: 90gr. Collinette Jitterbug (I have to re-check that though after they are dry...)
Finished: 5th of january 2009

O.k. and my next new project is another cardigan:
Hey, Teach!
Pattern: Hey, Teach! By Hélène Rush from Knitty summer 2008
Yarn: Summerfeeling from Wollatelier Schlawin. That was some special offer yarn, that was kind of inexpensive. It's a cotton-nylon blend and it is really nice to work with. I'm using 2 strands at a time and 5.5 mm needles.

Parting shot:

I have posted so many cute pictures of my cat Greebo but today I took a really cute picture of our "cuddle cat" Cookie. He loves to cuddle and is on my lap every time I sit in front of the tv, knitting!
Cookie kuscheltIsn't he a cutie-pie?

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Summerset hat gesagt…

You've got some really pretty things going! Those blue socks are cool.

Awww . . Cookie is adorable!