Sonntag, Februar 08, 2009

Sewing sunday

Hi there,

it's sunday. I've been sick at home for nearly the whole week (went to work on thursday - not the best idea...) but I haven't been sewing much. Mostly done a lot of knitting and watching TV, reading travel guides (Scotland!) or just dabbling around, beeing on ravelry.

Not very productive (if you leave out the knitting) and I decided today that I need some kind of schedule. I'm all about schedules and lists help me focus on doing stuff. I just work best with a deadline ;) and so I decided, that there will be sewing sundays. I want to spend at least 15 minutes doing some sewing related things on sundays. That is not much time but I think, if I see progress on my work I will work longer and will be more motivated.

The only sewing related thing besides working on Heikos ren-faire shirt was culling the stash this week. O.k maybe not really culling but I got rid of 6.1 kg of fabric. There was a request to donate fabric for an Iranian family with 4 kids, that is merely tolerated here in Germany. They don't get a lot of money but need clothes and the mother can sew. So I dug out some fabrics mainly thick, bulky knits since the boys are in need of warm pullovers plus some fleece fabrics. I also wrote a note to the lady, who collects all the stuff, that she might use the fabrics the family does not want for craft-classes at the school she's working at!

Off to my sewing machine now! I want to finish Heikos shirt!

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