Sonntag, Februar 22, 2009

an unexpected good bye

Hi everbody,

I totally know, that it is sewing sunday but I haven't sewn a stitch today.
At the moment I'm surfing thru the internet and comparing car prices. Our car went to the garage (again) on friday and it came out, that it leaks oil (just because I insisted, that the drops on the parking space are from our car....) and the exhaust pipe is broken too. Fixing it would cost over 1000 Euro, more than the car is worth.

Plus there is this money-back program from the state at the moment. The first 600.000 people selling an old car (over 9 yrs old) that had belonged to them for over a year will get a 2.500 Euro refund. So that would make our car (11 yrs old) worth 2.500 Euro instead of just a thousand. And since my Dad is working for Opel (GM), we would get a good deal.

The car that caught our eye is the Astra Caravan, which will be just a wee bit more expensive than a newer version of our small car and since we hope to have a family in the nearer future, a slightly bigger car would be awesome. We had hoped though, that our current car would live a few more years and I really wanted to have a hybrid car next, but those are really out of our pricerange at the moment.

The downside of buying a new, more efficent car is, that we won't be able to travel this year. Scottland adé. But I guess Scottland will be still there, when we have saved enough money to travel there again. We hope to get to the UK nevertheless this year and visit our friends Frank and Anne in Leighton Buzzard.

I will have to cut down my yarn, fabric and book purchases though, so knitting and sewing from stash it is. I have plenty of books to read still and I have a lot of friends with a similar book taste.

But since this is a knitting and sewing blog, here are some pictures of my latest FOs.

La Parisenne beret
Parisienne 2

Parisienne 3

I think it's more a hat than a beret, but that might be because my yarn (Sivilla by wetterhoff from Finland)is a tad thinner than normal sockyarn

Pattern: La Parisenne beret by sockpixie

Babysocks for a friends little newborn son
Babysocken Florian

Made out of leftovers from another project. I just have 1o meter left now, so that was a good project to use up those remnants.

Me in the February Lady sweater

February lady sweater

And finally "Hey, Teach!" now 50% done
hey teach 2

I hope to get a picture from Heiko in his new poet shirt (wedding outfit for the fantasy wedding) today.

Enough for today! I will go to the sewing machine now and sew some blocks for the quilt.


KayB hat gesagt…

Oh... the February Lady sweater turned out beautiful...grrr.. the longer I look at all the great variations/sizes/different yarns for this sweater the more I'm getting an itch to do one myself....

Summerset hat gesagt…

Love the red sweater! (Of course!). The blue hat is perfect - it really brings out your eyes.

Annika hat gesagt…

Shoot! Sorry to hear about your car troubles. I too wanted to make my next car a hybrid when my Jeep was dying, but opted for the Mini Cooper which really does get excellent mileage.
Your Feb. Lady sweater is fabulous. Love the hat/beret/thingy. But then, I love just about everything you knit.

madhatter hat gesagt…

oooooooooooh - ich stehe auf deinen february lady sweater!
die farbe! die knöpfe! ein traum!

danke auch an dieser stelle für die post, kam alles wohlbehalten an! ^-^

auto? touareg! *hihi*

disa hat gesagt…

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

cc22 hat gesagt…