Mittwoch, April 22, 2009

dress update

10 minutes to 10 p.m.:
Both zippers are installed. One needs to be replaced. (the one I inserted yesterday evening at 10.30 p.m. one of the bad ideas)

The front piece is pieced down. Unfortunately I caught the upper fabric and now it shows: another thing I need to re-do.

One sleeve is installed and the other is assembled and I'll be inserting it after putting this up.

Things to be done:

Figuring out if the sleeves are inserted the right way or if I mixed up both sleeves

re-do one zipper

re-do the front

tack down the inter/under/lining....


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Kathleen C. hat gesagt…

Can't wait to see the photos of the dress and the wedding... fantasy medieval theme? I'll bet it was pretty!

I recommended your blog as a creative blog on my blog!