Freitag, April 10, 2009

Not gone :)

Hi everybody,

sorry for not blogging on a regular basis AGAIN ( I still have to submit 2 entries for Santa Socke but that will need to wait a tiny bit longer ;) Santa is finished though but still in my possesion).

I have been on a short trip to my SIL and after that work got C.R.A.Z.Y. actual work was as crazy as usual but I have a rough time with one of my customers and that really depressed me beyond words. I mean I have made a small mistake but apologized and still, every time I have to call I feel sick :( But I still managed to knit (and sew but that just a tiny weeny bit)

There were a couple of things finished:

Baby sweater on two needles also known as the February Baby sweater
by Elizabeth Zimmermann for my friends new daughter Johanna
Yarn: Begère de France "Duvetine", which my MIL found in her closet from the 80s I guess
it's alpaca & Polystuff
Meter used: 475 meter (roundabout)
february baby sweater 2

My "hey, tini!" sweater is finished too!
Pattern: hey,teach! from
yarn: Summerfeeling from Wollatelier Schlawin (cotton blend...)
Meter used: 2.297 Meter

hey, teach2

A pair of socks for me!
Pattern: Leyburn (which is all over the place and great for handdyed yarn!)
yarn: Tausendschön sockyarn ( I highly recommend this yarn, it is really nice!)
meter used: 276 meter


I'll be back with sewing soon (I've made 2 cushioncovers but they are very unspectacular but I'm also sewing an elven dress ;) and the muslin is done !)


Annika hat gesagt…

I'm sorry you are feeling bad about some mistake you made - everybody makes mistakes, big ones, small ones - the kinds of mistakes we make where we don't have the chance to say we're sorry and apologize are the worst. I've been lucky in my life because I've been able to apologize to most of the people I've hurt - even if the apology came 20 years later! So please get over your embarassment/sorrow/shame/whatever about making a mistake with a client. In the film business if I made a mistake on a film set I always thought to myself "it is better I made a mistake here than on my own film!" ;)

Annika hat gesagt…

Oh, btw, your knitting is GORGEOUS as usual! And, did you say Elven dress???? Oooooo....

Marietta hat gesagt…

so good to see you back! your knitting is gorgeous - i love your HEY TINI! sweater too

looking foward to more anta socke stories wenn du zeit hast :)

mel hat gesagt…

Hey Tini!! :) So good to see you! Your sweater looks terrific, as do the socks (great colorway!) and the sweet February sweater. I'm sorry about your interaction with the client, I hope that it is smoothed over now, but I understand that sick & sad feeling. Been thinking about you a lot, hope you are well!

Bobbi hat gesagt…

I'm glad you're not gone! you'd be missed!!!