Freitag, Mai 08, 2009

All those small things

Hi there,

thank you all for your nice comment on the elven dress. I really like it too but I still which the sleeves weren't so snug. After sewing the dress, I wanted to sew something really mindless and still did not feel like sewing blocks for the quilt or doing some of the repair work, that is piling (pileling? pilieng? please enlighten me you masters of the English language) up here. Plus I wanted to use some stash fabric. I'm going pretty well with not buying fabric but I think, that is because I'm buying yarn... geesh, need to knit up more of that stash. (I even joined a KAL on ravelry but I'm still buying. To my defence I also gave away some yarn....)

So, here's the result: a new needle case

Nadeltasche 1

15 circular needles fit in there:
Nadeltasche 2

I'm using this for all my smaller needle sizes and the other I made a while ago for the sizes 4mm and up. I'm pretty embarrassed to say: I still have some circular needles in the case I'm using for my dpn...

After finishing my leyburn socks, I wanted to use up the remaining yarn and here's the result:

express lane

Pattern Express lane by Diane Mulholland
yarn: handdyed yarn from Tausendschön, Sivilla by wetterhoff

As you can see, I just had enough yarn for sneakers but I'm still happy with the socks and will knit the pattern again, thus in full length. The pattern is fairly easy and toe-up, so it is great for knitting two socks at a time, which I did.

Next I finished the first sock of a pair I'm knitting for Nimila

Milkmaid's Stockings by Cat Bordhi from her "New pathways for sockknitters)

Also a toe-up sock, but this one as 5 freaking charts. It's not blocked yet and looks pretty weird on my sockblocker but it will be awesome on the foot.

Nimila is sewing blocks for the quilt of doom for me and I'm knitting socks for her. Nice deal huh? I made good progress during my recent weekend in DK but now I have to see how fast I will progress since I'll be casting on for a secret project today.

A not so small thing, that is on my needles it Aliénor, that I'm testknitting for Alala, meet Aliénor

Again: not blocked and kind of lumpy looking without me beeing in it, but I'm not really well today and look horrible!


Parting shot(s):

Two new books in my library (both gifts from friends)


and last: Greebo wanting to help sorting the needles into their new home

Nadeltasche 4


BJ hat gesagt…

Piling up.

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Dein Nadelbehältnis hat echt schöne Farben!
Die würden mir auch spontan gefallen. ;)

Summerset hat gesagt…

Lots of pretty little things! Greebo is like my Kiwi - must approve of all the projects.

alala hat gesagt…

Augh, you make me want to get my sewing machine fixed. Don't you know I'm already too busy?

Okay okay okay. When we're neighbors, I'll start sewing again.

madhatter hat gesagt…

na, du warst ja mehr als beschäftigt! :)

Maria hat gesagt…

WOW. You have been knittingt a lot since last week-end!
Do you think Express Lane would be a good "Small Portable Project" (SPP??) for me? Looks easy without being too boring....


mel hat gesagt…

You have a LOT of knitting going on there Tini!! That sweater you are testing looks terrific (as do the socks!!) And your stitching is as always, great - that needle case is terrific :)