Dienstag, Mai 19, 2009

cool things

First: Thank you all for your kind words re. our family. I met my sister last weekend and that was great. We watched the Eurovision song contest and drank a lot of vodka. IF only the scientists would believe me, if I tell them that there must be a kind of idiosyncrasy for cancer in general in our family...

Buuut there's some cool stuff happening around here! I had planned to post about that last week but had to postpone that.

First, the coooooolest thing EVAR

That's the dedication-part of this great book:

Written by my friend Annika. She's really talented and the book is great. It makes me want to start Macramé and I grew up in the 70s and 80s and have not so fond memories of owls and fruit baskets but forget all you know about the theme and have a look at the awesome things Annika makes!

And of course I had to cry when Annika send me a picture of the dedications. I'm so touched!

The best birthday gift from the best husband arrived last week. Can you guess what it is?

Any ideas?

o.k. next hint:

Now? No?

O.k. now you got it right? Yes, it's a very cool new ballwinder.
It's a total sturdy piece of handywork, handmade from a small vendor here in Germany. Pricey yes, but totally worth it. The producer is Wollwolff

The yarn I wound for the picture is the yarn, I got at the fleamarket. Handdyed by yours truly of course and I'm thinking of making a vest pour moi.

Last thing: a teaser. This is a gift I'm knitting at the moment :) not telling more...
Parting shot (thus the last picture isn't really "the last")

Greebo with the fabric for my latest project: the Sophia Carry-All bag by Amy Butler. I finished interfacing all the pieces and hope to remember to take pictures on the way, this is the first


KayB hat gesagt…

Yeah... that was the first I've seen when I opened the book :-)
Didn't have the time to do a project from it, but it's on my (long) list of to-do-things.
Congrats (belated) to your birthday and the new ballwinder!

Annika hat gesagt…

Great ballwinder! I think maybe Greebo's gonna fight you for that bag - he looks quite possessive of it.
Happy Belated Birthday!

Annika hat gesagt…

Oh ha, about that dedication - I kept emailing the publisher to make sure they put the umlaut over the o in your name! They thought I was getting a wee bit obsessive/compulsive about that...

Summerset hat gesagt…

All of it is cool, but the dedication is the best! Congrats.

karin hat gesagt…

I had the book for two weeks before noticing the dedication!