Samstag, Mai 23, 2009

Miss Surfin' Sophia

Since my coffee-bag-bag died last winter (it just got ripped along the seams, the metallic bags were just too thin to stand the wear and tear) I'm using my O2-bag for carrying around my knitting, when it is too big for my Alma or any of my other smaller bags.

The O2 bag is kind of practial, beeing waterproof and so on but to be honest: it's not cool. This is the reason, why the idea of sewing me a knitting bag was born.
I'm totally in love with madhatters till you drop and Sushis weekender but for dragging around into public transportation, it just seemed to be too big, so I settled for the Sophia-Carry-All.

The fabric you already saw in my last musings (the one, Greebo is sitting on) is from Kris aka bockstark knits, my secret pal 10 or 11 pal.

Cutting out fabric, lining and interfacing and fusing on multiple layers of interfacing to the fabric & the lining took me full 2 long episodes of Lime & Violet. So make that around 3 hrs...
There are A LOT of pieces to cut and fuse: see for yourself

While cutting I made the first alteration, after having read a couple of really good blogposts and reviews on this pattern. I did lengthen the straps. Unintended was the next modification. Instead of using the interfacing to interface the straps, I used the fusible fleece I bought. Now I have some very cushiony handles. Works well for me :)

Since buying the new car I'm kind of on a budget to get some more money into my savings account to have something for unexpected needs (like having the sink repaired in the kitchen as we had to last week. The new appliances costed 160 Euro plus work: OUCH). Therefore I'll try to make do and use the stuff I have. The only things I bought for Miss Surfin' Sophia are the interfacing (Schabrakeneinlage by Freudenberg) and the fusible interfacing (H640 also by Freudenberg). The rest has to come from my stash of things. I happen to still have TimTex in my stash and I'm really happy to use some of it at last.

So here's the outer shell of bag:

Doesn't the fabric look like something you would find in a store selling cool stuff for surfers? (Or am I just getting old and think, that the fabric is cool?)

I really wanted to have purse feet but at 4 p.m. on a saturday afternoon and my resolution to use stash of things prevented me from rushing out and buy stuff. So, what to do? See that pile of buttons in front of the bag?

Here's a close up:

Sew them together et voilá: instant purse feet

I stole this idea from Cidell. I hope she does not mind.

Sewing them on to the bottom and the outer shell is done.

And this is my status quo. I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow too to get the lining started.


alala hat gesagt…

Beautiful! I love the button-feet idea.

(my word verification word is "sayfisp." I aim to please.)

Annika hat gesagt…

Button feet - fantastic idea! I like the surfer/Hawaiian fabric too but then again, I am older than God....

Silke hat gesagt…

Die Tasche sieht supertoll aus! Und die Idee mit den Knopffüßen ist klasse (und funktioniert ja offensichtlich auch sehr gut!).

Man könnte fast ein bisschen neidisch werden ;-)

Liebe Grüße aus HH,

Fam. Erdnuss

Susanne hat gesagt…

Ja, sieht tatsächlich aus wie Surfen, der Stoff. Und Sophia ist wirklich fantstisch und seit über einem Jahr widerstehe ich der Versuchung, mir den Schnitt zu kaufen, weil ich momentan keinen Nerv dafür hätte, die Tasche zu nähen.

Die Knopffüße schauen ja sehr interessant aus, bin gespannt, wie die sich in der Praxis bewähren.

madhatter hat gesagt…


ich bin nicht nur beeindruckt, ich bin platt.
eine wahnsinnstasche - und der print IST cool. vielleicht bin ich aber auch schon einfach nur alt ;)

nein. definitiv ein winner, deine sophia!

KayB hat gesagt…

Oh... I looooove the print... and the bag!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Cooles Teil! Ich ärgere mich noch immer, den Schnitt letztes Jahr in England nicht gekauft zu haben...
Der Stoff sieht super aus.. Gothik Surfing? ;)

Bobbi hat gesagt…

The button idea is wonderful!!

Summerset hat gesagt…

Super cute! I love how you center the one flower between the straps. Was that on purpose or did it just happen that way?

karin hat gesagt…

I like the button feet idea too!

Louise hat gesagt…

Oh, Tini- auch Du trägst nun Sophia :)
Die Idee mit den Knopffüßchen ist prima. Ich habe die Bodennägel von Prym- sind preiswert und praktisch- aber sie haben leider eine recht kleine Aufstellfläche. Meine Mad-Darcy-Carry-All ist daher unten schon leicht angeschmuddelt (aber ich habe sie auch täglich in Gebrauch)

Liebe Grüße

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

I have been super horrible about reading blog posts, so it was a great surprise to see this! I LOVE IT!!! The fabric looks fantastic as a bag and I totally forgot that I gave you some "real" Hawaiian print! :)

Hope you are doing well and what's this about a new car? Geez, I have been totally out of it...