Sonntag, Mai 03, 2009

A weekend full of treasures

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

we are broadcasting directly from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany just to present you the latest addition to tini's ever growing stash of things ;)

O.k. of course it is just me but I'm just back from a great weekend full of knitting, sunshine, laughing and treasurehunting uhm I mean going to a fleamarket in Denmark with Maria.

So DH and I went to Denmark (we can cross the border in an hour...) over Mayday to see Maria, her husband and her son (as well as the two lovely somali cats) and after knitting thru all of Friday (Heiko read a lot ;) ) I wanted to DO something on saturday, so I suggested we would go to a fleamarket. Heiko and I are really fond of fleamarket. We thought of going to Copenhagen but Maria found an add for a scouts fleamarket just 2 villages away and off we went. Maria was a bit sceptical since she did not have the fondes memories of fleamarkets but I really wanted to go.

We arrived there 8 minutes after it opened (really convenient that that was 10.30 am and not 4 a.m. or so) and went thru the "furniture" department. Since the fleamarket was held by the scouts, the boys and girls had collected all the items from the households and were selling them off by category instead of having to scour thru tons of different stalls/booths finding a multitude of stuff but not what you are looking for.

And there she was. An antique hand crank sewing machine from Singer. Maria asked how much it was and the guy said 75 kr (10 Euro) and asked how much Maria wanted to pay. She said 65 kr and the deal was made. The machine is in mint condition and came with a multitude of feet, see for yourself ( lots of pictures!)

vintage Singer 1

Vintage singer 2

Isn't that just a lovely detail?
vintage Singer 3

And this vintage seam ripper is still sharp and just cool!
vintage seam ripper

As for the feet:
there's a ruffler

the right one is for sewing on bias binding but what is the left one?

more interesting feet:

and some feet for rolled hems:

Any ideas what that might be?

After that I did not need more but of course we rummaged thru the big tent that the scouts had set up for the smaller stuff. Maria got some really cool old bottles and than I found the box with yarn. All tangled. One half done islandic sweater but there weren't any lables on the yarn, so I left that alone BUT then my hands touched something that felt like wool. And lo and behold. 2 balls and 2 skeins of undyed sheep wool. All in all 333 gr:

Fleamarket yarn

(I skeined it and washed it. It smells like sheep ;)

Plus an extra ball of yarn, that I thought was the same but it's different. This looks like handspun to me but I'm not a spinner. Any ideas you spinning people?

flea market yarn 2

I forgot to mention, that this yarn plus 3 more skeins, that Maria got where 1.25 Euro...

Great deals and we were so happy


Gesche Johanna hat gesagt…

Was kann man da sagen außer: WOW! und NEID!

Ich weiß, dass die Singer in gute Hände gekommen ist.

Lieben Gruß
Gesche Johanna

KayB hat gesagt…

OMG... speechless.... for under 10 Euro?... you ARE lucky! Good Luck with it!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Die Singer ist ja bildschön! *hrch* Wenn ich wüßte, wo ich sowas bei mir noch unterbringen soll... wer kann zu sowas schon nein sagen?

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Ach ja, also, das auf dem letzten Füßchenbild in der Mitte, das ist ein Abstandhalter.
Die lustigen Klammern da könnten für Garn sein? Irgendeine Garnführung?

alala hat gesagt…

That is beautiful. I love the fancy details people used to add to useful tools like sewing machines. Things used to be prettier. Sigh.

Saskia hat gesagt…

Sehr schön :) Sowas habe ich auch zu Hause stehen, aber viel nüchterner. Ist das ein Schwingschiff?

Die Füßchen - Der Fuß neben dem für die Bandeinfassung ist ein verstellbarer Säumer.

Die im Bild drunter von links nach rechts: Reissverschluss, Kräuselfuß, Kantennäher und Biesenfuß.

Bei den Rollsaumfüßen ist der ganz rechts einer für Kappnähte.

Die interessanten Dinge im nächsten Bild: Eine Führung für Soutache und Bändchen. Ein Abstandshalter, der auf die Maschine geschraubt wird (die Schraublöcher dafür sind sogar mit im Bild). Das nächste scheint auch eine Führung für Bänder zu sein. Die müsste ich mal life sehen.

Schönes Maschinchen :)

Monica Hansen hat gesagt…

Beautiful machine, congratulations!

Annika hat gesagt…

Wow wow wow! What a great find! If you ever decide you have to get rid of it, send it my way!
I think that one attachment is missing a screw and the flat edge is for keeping the edge of the fabric an even distance from the needle as it stitches. I have something similar - I'll dig it out of the costume cave...

karin hat gesagt…

Those fleamarkets are the best! We have a lot of them here in sweden too, usually during the warmer months and since they lasts for only one or maybee two days you can get things really cheap at them.
usually its atletic kind of organisations that collect all year for this occation.
I think the second yarn is handspun too.
Are you planning to use the machine or keep it for eye candy?

karin hat gesagt…

I think the left "foot" is for darning. They did that a long time ago. Today you can use it for free motion quilting

Kathleen C. hat gesagt…

That machine is beautiful! Hand crank? Wow, how interesting.

And I think the yarn is handspun... looks like it to me anyway.

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