Donnerstag, Juni 11, 2009

UK Ravelry Day 2009 in Coventry

Hiho everybody,

I'm back from our vacation in the UK. We were visiting our friends in Leighton Buzzard and 10 days before the event I saw a thread about the UK ravelry meeting on ravelry. Of course, not knowing ANYTHING about the geography of England (except that I could point out a lot of different scottish isles like Arran and Isla...) I had to google where Coventry is. To my surprise it's just an hour away from Frank & Anne's home. So, of course I had to go!

Here are some impressions:

And then there was rain. Lots of rain...
and lots of people

some with giant crochet hooks

But let's start at the beginning. On the ravelry board for the UK ravelry day was a carsharing thread and Sarah Jane offered a carride from the Leigthon Buzzard area and we agreed to drive together (better she agreed to pick me up at Tesco).

If you read her blog entry, you can see, that she was a little nervous if we would get along well but that was no problem at all. I was more nervous about her husband joining us and gave DH all the infos about the two I had. SMILE. SO NOT NECESSARY. Both are awesome people and Chris, Sarahs husband, and I had too much fun making up our own comments on the fashion show. (So me... the lady next to me was so annoyed but since I couldn't understand a thing.... But I wasn't mean all the time. Really I wasn't)

There were tons of really nice people and after having been shown how to knit English style and the fashion show, Chris and I looked for a pub or so for some lunch. Maybe we should have figured out, that we both eat vegetarian since we went to a very strange Fish 'n Chips store where the vegetarian sandwiches were awefull :)

After that experience it was time for the Meg Swansen talk, that I had booked and Sarah and I met to go together. The talk was very nice although I had the feeling, that a lot of people were too shy to ask questions (not me :) who would have guessed that). And afterwards I headed for my "dye with natural dyes" class. It was dyeing with natural extracts, so no dyepots bubbling on a stove or so. I would have love that. Dyeing with natural dye extract is a lot like dyeing with accid dyes....

There also was a bit of shopping for me:
the natural dye studio, merino and tencel sock yarn
John Arbon Alpaka. So soft. I also got some sock yarn (undyed) and some brown. I think I'm ready to try out some fair isle. GASP.
A book with lovely vintage designs. I already know at least 1 sweater I'm going to make in the near future. (got to get some of my stash transformed into garments!) And I bought "The opinionated Knitter" from Elizabeth Zimmermann but somehow I already own most of the patterns. I'm not sure if I will keep the book.
The Knitting Godess, Blue face leicester sock yarn.

It was a great day despite the rain! I met great people (esp. Sarah & Chris), learned new things and bought lovely stuff.


Maria hat gesagt…

Am very jealous!!
I'm sure you weren't mean all the time at the fashion show - you never are :-)

Hugs and love

Anonym hat gesagt…

It seems like there was at least one thing we liked. . .

Summerset hat gesagt…

Cool - sounds like fun and glad it worked out so that you go!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Lästern? Wer lästert hier? Nicht doch! :D Also, ich wette, du warst nur objektiv. *ggg*

Du bist aber brav gewesen bei deinen Einkäufen! Dieses Knitting Goddess Garn hätte ich aber sicher auch nicht liegenlassen.