Montag, Juli 27, 2009

colourful Kiel

Hi there,

after spending a kind of long weekend with my Grandma (who's totally cool but too much time spend with her, I want to poke my eyes out with my knitting needles) I'm absolutely tired, so I think it's time to show you, what I have done the last weeks.
(I'm also sewing but it's not finished and very very simple. But there will be an FO too soon, so to say tomorrow evening it should be done...)

I've done some dyeing in the last few weeks. (mel, this is for you ;) )

Here's walnut

It's a bamboo-wool blend in fingering weight. The yarn was dyed using green walnuts, ca. as much as I could fit in one of my hands and 1.5 liter of rain water. I chopped the walnuts into small pieces and put water on top. Next I tossed the yarn into the water. Stirring it every 12 hrs and after 48 hrs it was "done".

Then there's ravelry day.

A 50gr skein BFL, dyed with natural extract dyes on the ravelry day in coventry


For Molly, I dyed this bamboo-wool blend for our sock swap. I'm getting some bronze dpn and she will get firestarters from me.

for molly

The colour is not really true. Somehow it's not as "cool" as in the picture.

For me again is Fuchsia. I really wanted to try out this new baseyarn


But there has been knitting too :)

My rivendell socks are finished and they are the absolute greatest socks I have knit so far:
Pattern: Rivendell Socks by Janel Laidmann
yarn: Rittersporn by Wollmeise (100% Merino)

And finished this weekend at my Grandma's house


Spiraling Coriolis by Cat Bordhi
Yarn: Drachenwolle "Himmel & Erde"
The yarn looked so different on the skein.
This pair fits perfectly (or without the ly?), so DH, who never ever asks for something knitted, wants a pair too. And my dad will get one pair for his birthday too.

And my WIP, something totally easy. Dishcloths from yarn from the Sarah-Stash

Parting shot:

Was Elsbeth


madhatter hat gesagt…

da war aber jemand fleißig!
die socken sind ja wirklich der knaller - aber warum hast du elsbeth getötet?

mel hat gesagt…

Wah! Tini, your dying is SO GREAT!!! That walnut skein is beautiful - so subtle. I love the others as well! Will you become a dyer-extraodinaire now?? :)

Susanne hat gesagt…

Wunderschön mal wieder. Der Strang mit Walnuss im Besonderen, aber auch die Rivendell-Socken. (Irgendwann mache ich auch welche, da bin ich sicher.)

Und Cat Bordhi-Socken passen einfach praktisch immer super.

Saskia hat gesagt…

Nimmst Du eigentlich an Dye for Glory teil? :D Meine Stimme wäre Dir sicher!

Die Walnut-Wolle ist super. Die blaue gefällt mir auch - und wo bekommst Du Bronze-Stricknadeln? Die stelle ich mir sauschwer vor! Ich hoffe auf einen Testbericht!