Sonntag, August 16, 2009


144? you ask. Huh? No idea?

Here are 144 finished blocks of the quilt of doom

quilt august 09

That means, I'm halfway there. The bed on the pic is our, much smaller, bed without big duvet covers underneath, so I really have some steps to go until this thing will be finished, although at 200 I might start sewing the blocks together (always 4) and place them on my sisters bed, to see how much more I need to sew, so that is just 56 to go. Maybe this will be my goal for this year. I initial goal for 2009 was to sew 100 blocks. So far 65 are done! (not all by me though. I love swaps!)


Summerset hat gesagt…

Not bad! Only 35 to go for the year!

Bobbi hat gesagt…

That's awesome!

Tamara hat gesagt…

Wow! They look like a ton of work but they sure look gorgeous all together!

alala hat gesagt…

That is amazing! Both amazingly beautiful and looks like an amazing amount of work. You rock!

nagano hat gesagt…

ui - na das kommt mir doch iiiiiiiiirgendwie bekannt vor :D

so ausgelegt schauts richtig beeindruckend aus :)