Sonntag, August 30, 2009

Work in Progress

So, besides getting acquainted with the spinning wheel:

(My first handspun on the lower edge and the most recent on the upper edge. The fiber is Eiderwolle. A very long staple fibre from the sheep that live on the Deich here in Northern Germany. The sheep (breed Texel or Suffolk or mixtures or varying breeds) are raised for their meat not for the wool, so this yarn is a little coarse but really easy to spin.

I'm also still knitting and sewing.

My knitting has works in progress, so I'l start with those.

1. "Starting a purple fire"

These socks are for Molly. Once these are finished I'll be getting some bronze dpn from her.
The pattern is "firestarter" by yarnissima and the yarn is my own hand-dyed wool-bamboo blend.

Since Molly does not wear a size 38 European I had to recalculate the number of stitches, for that I used Cat Bordhis master numbers from her "New pathways for sock knitters" and I ended up having 72 stitches total. I hope, that this will be o.k. *keeping my fingers crossed*

I reached the point of turning the heel on the first sock (which is my commuting project and the yarn is thinner than the usual 4ply fingering weight sock yarn), did that and measured the total length of the sock. Lo and behold I had 1.5 cm (that is 5/8 inch) too much. gnarf. So I ripped back to the beginning of the gusset increases plus 6 more rows :( That means I had to rip out half of the work I had done so far.

Another thing I do not like so far, is that I got some holes, where I had put the stitch marker on one side :( Maybe washing and blocking will fix that.

2. "Op Art"

Is actually off the needles and all ends are woven in.Just needs blocking.

3. "Mommes baby booties"

My co-workers girl friend had a little baby boy last week (Momme. Really, that's his name). So, as usual me beeing late, I started knitting some baby booties out of the left overs from my coriolis socks. The first one is already done (using 14 gr. of yarn) minus the i-cord, which will be the last thing I'll be making, to be sure I have enough yarn for the second one. The second one is already cast on. Very easy and fast project. I had hoped to finish these before my co-wokrer returned from his break, but he started working on thursday and of course, the booties aren't finshed :( This weekend they will be done though.
The pattern can be found here.

4. "Ishbel"

My at-home project since I have reached the lace-part. I'm into the third repeat of chart, this means I will have to knit chart 2.5 more rows on chart A, 6 rows on Chart C, 8 rows on chart D and then just the 1 row of chart E. So that are just 17.5 rows to go! Since one row has over 350 stitches now, that means around 1-2 weeks of knitting ;)
This shawl will be like a heavy shedding feather. So far I have used 60 gr. of this yarn (ravelry link) and it is so soft and I totally love the colour. Unfortunately the yarn is shedding like crazy. Hopefully this will getting less after washing and blocking *more fingers crossed".

Wow. 4 projects at one time. This is a lot for me, but since Op Art is off the needles and the booties are so small, I'm kind of o.k. with that. I just need to make sure, that the booties are finished soon. I really don't like to have more than 2 projects at a time.


Haven't started the Paris-jacket. I'm going to make a muslin for the Onion jacket and see, if it is too frilly for the hot pink wool I want to use or if the burda jacket will be a better choice.
I also have a black-and white wool in my stash, that would be a good choice for the Onion pattern but I realls need a skirt or so out of the fabric first, since I have already made a jacket out of the fabric and a matching skirt or some trousers would be cool...


KayB hat gesagt…

Oh mei... you're keeping yourself busy. Your handspun makes progress and looks really good so far.

Annika hat gesagt…

Yet another skill you're acquiring!I am always amazed by your hobbies and your fine work.
Please take a look at my friend Tuulia's blog - she too is a "spinster"