Sonntag, September 20, 2009

Home Turf

I know, that I promised to write a sewing entry next but the weather has been so sunny and summery the last few days, that I have to admit: I didn't sew much or at least I did not take any pictures of the finished muslin.

Instead we spend a lovely day today just at the baltic sea, which luckily, is just around the corner (we drive 5 minutes...). First we went for a walk along the shore and then had some ice-coffee at the beach:

I so love to live here. For me, it's all about the water. I really can not imagine to live in the mountains. I need to be able to see the horizon.

We also took some pictures of Ishbel, inspired by Elems post about taking pictures

(I for myself think, that the pictures are better than the others I took before, but that might be just my opinion and the fact, that there's the beach and the water in the picture)

Heiko that to grab one end of the shawl, since it was a bit windy. (Nothing serious, just a nice breeze, but Ishbel is so lightweight, that even the tiniest bit of movement in the air, will make her want to fly)

The pattern is great. Really easy to follow, once you (and by that I mean I) get your brain around, that using stitchmarkers is not really a good idea, since you would have to move them every other (read RS-row), just make sure, the decreases line up.
I made the double decrease a bit different by slipping them off together, I think, this makes a neater decrease, but that is just my personal style.

So here again the facts:

Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague. Larger version
Yarn: Marika Jo by Richter Kammgarn. (Found in my MIL livingroom cupboard, when they had to clean it out because they were getting new furniture. I have NO idea how old this yarn is.) Content: 70% Angora, 30% virgin wool
107 gr.

I promise (again) to take pictures of the jacket I'm sewing next!


madhatter hat gesagt…

der strand.
das meer.
die strandkörbe.

ein traum.
wirklich sehr schöne bilder, das muß man neidlos so sagen.
ein bißchen neidisch bin ich aber schon, weil du das alles quasi vor der haustüre hast.... ;)

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Absolutely gorgeous shawl, Tini! I love everything about it. Great, great job. You are so talented.

Elemmaciltur hat gesagt…

Freut mich, dass mein Eintrag die Menschen inspirieren kann. :-)

Schöne Ishbel!

Summerset hat gesagt…

The shawl is beautiful and so is the beach! It is wise to enjoy the beautiful days when you have them.

Bobbi hat gesagt…

Elemm's post WAS inspirational! Your Ishbel looks wonderful!!!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Gelegentlich beneide ich dich dafür, dass du so nah am Meer wohnst.. ;)

Der Schal ist aber auch ein Prachtstück, das sich in der Umgebung besonders schön entfaltet!

karin hat gesagt…

I like the shawl too but get so fond memories from the seashore picture

Annika hat gesagt…

Such beauty! And a beach, too! You have a rich and wonderful life, my friend.