Sonntag, Oktober 11, 2009


Hi everybody,

sorry for not blogging for a couple of weeks. I promised a sewing post but the jacket isn't finished yet. I sewed the shell and the collar but the lining is still in pieces (it's cut out though). I hope, that I will get back to sewing next week.

DHs grandmother is in hospital, so we went there a couple of times. (we were off work, since we were in vacation). Made some grape juice after harvisting grapes at my in-laws. Did some work in the garden. I did some work for work while beeing off.

I had another appointment at the hospital, with less than stellar results. I'm still healthy but my body isn't recovering from the anti-hormon treatment the way it should and that depresses me a bit. So I really did not feel like blogging. Heiko and I overall had a good time.

I did knit a lot and I will show pictures next week. One of the babyjackets is nearly done (minus the i-cord edging) and I even already dyed it. Today I started another jacket. My friend Annika went into hospital last friday. I guess the baby is here yet (haven't heard anything though...), so I better knit fast ;) 28 of 140 rows are done!


Kerstin hat gesagt…

Oh, tut mir leid, dass zu hören! Ich hoffe, deine Ergebnisse werden bald besser, ich drücke sämtliche Daumen ( und zünde auch gerne ein paar Kerzen an).


Kathleen C. hat gesagt…

It sounds like you had a very busy, and very difficult, couple of weeks! So sorry to hear of the worries!
Please do not add the blog to your list of worries... we will wait patiently until you have more time. I, for one, am VERY patient!

Bobbi hat gesagt…

No need to apologize...we understand and are right there with you! Take care!!!

Me hat gesagt…

Hi Tini,
(hab Deine email nicht, also blog KOmmentar). Ich hoffe, Ihr seid gut wieder heimgekommen, und Du hast jetzt so viel Spass mit Annika, dass Du gar nicht zum Bloggen kommst?!
Es war toll, Dich zu treffen -- wuerde gerne in Kontakt bleiben.

Und viele gute Wuensche fuer die Schwiegergrossmutter, und fuer Dich, natuerlich!

Alles Liebe aus Paris,
lara900 at free dot fr

Anonym hat gesagt…

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