Sonntag, November 22, 2009

Knitting up a storm

Ha, two posts in two days!

This one is going to be about knitting :) since I still do a lot of commuting by bus I have a lot of knitting time (and is easier to do that in front of the tv but then I'm also spinning in front of the tv...)

So, three of my friends gave birth the last few weeks. Anja and Asa had baby girls and Annika had a baby boy.

For Theis (the baby boy )I knitted a baby surprise jacket out of some gray yarn that I had found at a flea market (of course I washed it before knitting with it) and that now features some metal buttons, that I had in my stash:

Pattern: Baby surprise jacket (ravelry link) by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Karstadt "Reine Wolle" loong discontinued

For Karina (Anjas Baby) I made another Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern. The Tomten jacket out of some of the Sarah-Stash. I have nearly used up all of the Cottontots, that Sarah has send me! I knitted the jacket out of different colours I had and dyed them up.
Pattern: Modular Tomten Jacket (ravelry link) by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Bernards Cottontots 626 Meter according to ravelry

For a charity called "christmas in a shoebox" I packed a package for a 10-14 yr old girl. The packages are distributed to kids in poorer countries and are often the only christmas gift they'll receive, since the parents have in most cases just enough money to feed the family. I wanted to add something knitted, so I made some fingerless mittens out of some yarn, that I got from my secret pal 12 pal. The contents of the yarn are unknown, but I hope, it is superwash...

Pattern: Fetching from Knitty
yarn: half of the skein, that I got from my secret pal pal.

Finally I finished the socks for the trade I have with Molly

Mods made: Since I made these sock waaay longer than the pattern suggests I added 2 stitches every patternrepeat to allow for a more shapely calf.
Pattern: Firestarter (ravelry link)by Yarnissima together with the math from the "new pathways for socknitters" to figure out the numbers for a custom fit!
yarn used: A merino-bamboo blend, that I handdyed myself. The purple was dyed using Ashford dyes, the brown is dyed with green walnuts. 460 meter

I also made 2 hats using Ysolda Teagues "Icing swirl hat" but I don't have pictures of them yet. Also used stash yarn for that.

All in all, goood stashbusting projects! At the moment I have just one project on my needles, Socks for my Dads birthday on December 10th, so keep your fingers crossed, that they will be finished by then!

Hope to see you soon! Have a great weekend!

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Summerset hat gesagt…

You've been very busy since your last posts! What a great trip to Paris and yes, you've been knitting up a storm.