Samstag, November 21, 2009

Some kind of sewing post

See, another break that was not intended.
Since I had promised you a sewing post and my jacket is still not finished, I did not post at all. Maybe I should not promise to post about a certain topic... I'll try to post on a more regular basis though, maybe at least once every fortnight...

So what have I been up to?

First I went to the European Patternreview weekend in Paris.

I had a rough start with Paris, so to say. My trip to Paris went pretty smooth, except that the lady from Air France did tell me, that ANnika needed to take the trip TO Paris to get back with me too. Since Annika was in Paris already, that wasn't an option, so we had to book another more expensive flight for her while beeing in Paris.

Than I had pre-booked a shuttle from The yellow van. I did follow their instructions to call them before getting my luggage. After the 10th attempt with nobody answering the phone (and I was on time!) I got my luggage and went to the information booth. They tried to call: no answer either. I did look around to find them but no luck, so I took the metro, where a guy talked to me the whole time and I just got rid of him one train stop before getting to Montmatre.

Our hotel was very nice and cozy. It was the Regyn's and I can recommend it.

The first day we went to see the Vionett exhibtion at the Louvre. An amazing exhibit and I met the most charming people. Here's our group at dinner time

One Parisienne is missing, so Lara, this is for you

btw. the shawl is sooo awesome

Saturday I went sightseeing with Val and Annika, but I didn't buy fabric or so. In the evening we did our ugly fabric swap and I scored big time. Val was so nice to swap the fabric I had won with me and I got this lovely fabric

and I got some nice fabric I will use for a lining, but that I haven't a picture of that.

Next day, the remaining ladies and I took a tour on the Seine, which was cold but nice.
Here we are in our thick coats standing in front of the Eiffel Tower

Annika, Val and I went to see the Monet pictures at L'Orangerie afterwards and bade all the remaining ladies farewell.

On Monday morning Annika and I made the last visit of the trip to the Montmatre cemetary, where I nearly catnapped a cute little gray stray but I guess Greebo and Cookie would have been happy with that...

Luckily the shuttle service picked us up this time (they were also very rude to Annika) and we came to Kiel after that. Annika spend the week here and we had tons of fun including Annika learning how to spin, but I will show you these pics another time.

Have a great weekend!


Lara900 hat gesagt…


-- spending Friday with you was soooo much fun! I was so glad I could work it into my schedule, and it was lovely meeting you!

Looking forward to your coat post ;) -- nah, just teasing.

madhatter hat gesagt…

Schööön! :)

Und - meine Güte, ich seh grade Deinen letzten Post hier drüber - Du hast ja genadelt wie irre!!!
Drei Daumen hoch, ich bin geplättet ^-^