Sonntag, Dezember 27, 2009

Gifts given

Good Morning everybody,

this year I have made 2 birthday-christmas gifts myself. But of course I forgot to take a picture of the christmas gift before mailing that. My head was full with other things as you might imagine. I will ask the receipient to take a pic once she got her parcel :)

So, my Dad asked for some socks for his birthday. AAAND they had to be midcalf. So to make things a bit more interesting I used Cat Bordhis Coriolis pattern again with 2*2 ribbing for the leg-portion of the socks.
Both socks were knit a the same time after finishing the heel.
Yarn: Belday Sockyarn (from a swap)

Since I had some of the blue yarn left over after knitting for ever in the round and wanting to poke my eyes out (thus declaring the socks long enough) I made 2 preemie hats. One of my co-workers collects them for a clinic in Hamburg.
Out of the 25gr I had left I managed to get 2 hats! I need to weave in the ends before I can give them to my co-worker but I think she's on vacation now. Maybe I will dig into my stash to see if I have more leftovers. I don't want to use the black yarn though.... not really suitable for preemies I think.

Other than that I just knitted a few rounds on my FLS....

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Isabelle hat gesagt…

Lucky Daddy! I love the contrasting heel and toes ;)

The preemie hats are real cute, that is such a soft shade of blue.