Dienstag, Januar 05, 2010

Another one without a picture

Hi there,

I'm sitting here at DH computer writing this post while it is dark and cold outside. I'm sitting at Heikos PC just because it is so much more comfortable to sit at :) My laptop is kind of very slow these days ;) and since I'm here and it is dark outside there is no picture of the first FO of the year and it is something sewn! I made another baby sleeping bag for a friend. It was supposed to be finished shortly after the delivery but lo and behold: I did not finish it in time. But now it is done and I'm happy with it.

I hope to sew more in 2010 than I did last year. I need a couple of new trousers and shirts and I do have a nice stash! Hopefully the later will become the former in the next months!

And I want to re-organise my sewing room. I need to get rid of stuff and declutter. That will also include de-cluttering the cupboard that we do have in the attic. It is full of STUFF. O.k. it also holds our linen ;) But I have to say: mostly Heikos stuff. So that will be something for our vacationtime in March. I also plan to paint Heikos room ;)

So, that are my plans for this year. I'm kind of happy that 2009 is over. The last weeks were kind of stressfull. Now I have a cold and I'm just tired. My job will be keeping me busy too but I try to avoid working overtime. I just need time for me!

I can't believe that the first decade of this millenia is already over! So much has happed. I finished my training for work (that includes going back to school on each saturday for 3 yrs. besides working full time), got married and bought a house with my husband.

We are really happy here and we have adopted 2 cute cats!

Then there was the dark period in 2003 just after our wedding, when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was really really really sick. Looking back though this year totally changed my view on everything. I now know, that I can handle most things with the love and help of my family and friends. I have the best people, that support me. This is a very reassuring thing to know.

Beeing positive about life and how things will turn out is also something I took from that time. Without beeing optimistic I would have suffered so much more. If you want to feel better, you will feel better. There's always something to look forward too.

I think I became a much stronger person during that time and I lost a lot of anxieties.

After getting better Heiko and I travelled a lot. That was awesome. We've been to the east and westcoast of the USA and met great people there like Annika and Deepika. We visited Asa in Sweden. And Frank and his family in the UK (them quiet often ;) ).

The last decade was much about meeting new people and making friends. Beeing open to them and their stories.

Than there were the losses. Both of my Grandmothers died in the past 10 yrs. Both were over 90 yrs old and while the recent loss of one of them still hurts, I'm just blessed to have that much time with them. They both loved me dearly, each in their own way and if I'll ever be able to give back that much to someone that I got esp. from my Granny Annemarie I think I can be just happy.

I think, I have grown very much in this last decade. So what was the first decade for you?


Summerset hat gesagt…

Wow! You have been through a lot! We bought a house and my son was born, I went back to work and am now not working, again. A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same, too. Who knows where we'll be in another 10 years? Good luck to you in the next year and decade.

mel hat gesagt…

Tini, I have been so fortunate to experience your positive outlook and kindness and support from so far away. You are a lucky find and friend to have and I have no doubt that if this is how you treat your acquaintances, that you are loved very deeply by all who really know you. I wish you good health, more happiness, and lots of love through this year on into the next decade. XO

Kathleen C. hat gesagt…

While the last couple of years have been stressful, looking back there have also been some very good things in this decade. I did lose my grandfather, but like your grandmothers he was well over 90 and had had a long and well lived life.
But the best thing that has ever happened to me happened this past decade... I met and married a most wonderful man. We have a very happy life together, surrounded by the love of our cats and our good friends.

Katharine in Brussels hat gesagt…

So tired, of course after all of that. 2010 is here now, a new year, with new possibilities.

cc22 hat gesagt…