Sonntag, Januar 10, 2010

christmas re-cap

A wonderfull snowy good morning everybody,

since the world is still white outside I guess it is o.k. to show my christmas gifts, isn't is?
(I finished 2 projects since christmas but since one of them is still blocking, that will wait till next time. Plus one of them is SEWN! Gasp! And I started another sewing project and traced a pattern for one more! It seems my sewing mojo has return, at least for a while.)

So, here are my hobby-related gifts!

First there was a great parcel from Sarah Jane, which had lots of awesome things in them (like a mini uno-card game!) She send me a ravelry-mug, some really lovely lace yarn ( I got the hint ;) ) and a knitting bag, so I can start another lace project ;) (I just took a pic of the things yarny). The blue ring in front of the mug is a felt ring that my friend Louise made :)
Then there were books! I finished reading the novel that Kerstin send me, started a project from Whimsical knits from Maria and the other two books were given by my family.

Heiko got my some hand-carders and some fiber!(the colourfull ball of pencil roving at the right). Mäddi send me some nice merino (top left) and my family got me some mysterious roving plus some spools for my spinning wheel! Yay!

So, now I'm prepared for a year of using up my stash :) It's just January 10th but I already cut up 5 meter fabric( 2.5 meter are already used up) and finished 2 skeins of yarn. Not bad, not bad. Plus another knitting project was started today. I need more warm socks!

Happy sewing and knitting to all of you. Make warm clothes if you live in cold climate::::