Sonntag, Februar 14, 2010

Let it snow

or better DON'T let it snow :)

First, before I whine about the snow: THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your nice comments. I'm so happy about this pregnancy. It wasn't the easiest time before that since the chances for me weren't high due to chemo but now that we are expecting 2 little wonders my heart couldn't be more filled with joy, happiness and a bit of worry, how things will work out!

O.k. I won't whine about the snow but I have to admit, that by now I would rather have no snow anymore.
Northern Germany is under a white blanket since Christmas and to be honest. We are just not used to that. Our roads are full of snow and the poor people working at the companies, that keep the roads passable are working and working and working without or with just little breaks.
Our trashbins aren't emptied anymore since the trucks are too "fragile" to drive in snow.... how stupid is that? The company told us, that they are going to pick up the trash later and that we can fill trashbags and add them to the containers but where to store the bags?

There's a good side to all that snow. We stay at home a lot (since I'm tired anyway. I think I might be low on iron, will check that with my doctor tomorrow and will get another ultrasound!) and thus I knit and spin a lot (there's sewing too but I don't have pictures since my photographer spend 2 hrs. snow shovelling today and wasn't in the mood to take pictures afterwards).

So here's what I've done and what I've taken pictures of:

Flower Power Dishcloth
Made for Sarah-Jane out of some Sugar'n Cream that she send me.
Quick and fun pattern! I totally recommend it and together with some handmade soap, it makes a great gift.

The pair of socks that were three

Pattern:Woven Ridge socks by Cat Bordhi out of "New Pathways for Sock knitters"
Somehow the gauge changed during the knitting (I swatched!), so I started the second sock with 4 stitches less and knitted another 2 socks. But still: the Ridgeline sockitecture doesn't fit my food very well. So this pair is going to someone who really deserves a pair of handknit socks!
Yarn: Drachenwolle "Winterblau"

And one for me

Since it is still below 1°C here, I need socks for myself as well. So, another of Cat Bordhi's sockitecture. This time it will be the Sky Masterpattern:
It's the fourth sockitecture from the book. I decided to work my way thru the book and knit every sockitecture before buying book no. 2!

I've also been spinning and knitting for/on my cardigan but again: No pictures.

Sewingwise I finished my maternity trousers and they are comfy but not stylish. I did some mending today (but more on that soon) and I have cut out 2 shirts for my friend Billes newborn girl. But that is still not assembled!


Summerset hat gesagt…

How did I miss the news?!?!? Forgive me! Congratulations, and to have a double blessing after all that you've been through - how wonderful!

Annika hat gesagt…

Love those funky dishcloths!

madhatter hat gesagt…

spüllappenstricker! :)
ehrlich - ich brauch auch noch sowas.
kannst du das garn empfehlen?
würde mich interessieren, wie es nach ein paar wäschen ist. gib mir da doch nochmal bescheid!


Katharine in Brussels hat gesagt…

That's a lot of knitting! I found it wonderfully therapeutic to knit during the last months of my pregnancy, thanks to you and the PR girls showing me how to in Paris. Show us your maternity trousers :) Very curious what you did there, and don't they feel better than non-maternity clothes?

alala hat gesagt…

I'm with you, let it STOP! I had enough snow in Bavaria, I was really looking forward to getting away from it here! But no such luck. Here's hoping for clear streets real soon.

And rest! You're tired for a reason! ♥!

carina hat gesagt…


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