Mittwoch, März 31, 2010

Back at home

Hi everybody,

we are back at home since monday but I got a bad bad bad cold during our vacation and this turned my break from work into sick leave :( At least my doc gave me the o.k. to use nose spray at night, so that I can sleep (I was at 3 hrs a night and totally overtired)

Since Monday DH is turning his room into our nursery. He moved his stuff (and some of mine) up to the attic, heaved his desk and a drawer into my room and got his PC running again. My laptop needs a new motherboard, so it will be some time before I can post pictures.

We also got our new bed yesterday. Heiko and a friend picked it, the matresses and all the stuff, up and we had the first night in our new bed yesterday. It's a lot higher than our old one. This makes getting up for me at the moment so much easier since I already gained 20 cm tummy circumfence.

Our vacation was a vacation of bargains.

First we got a stroller for our kids. It was reduced by 500 Euro (still 800 Euro but for 1.300 we wouldn't have bought it). It can be transformed, so that the kids can be in it until they are 4 yrs old (depending on the size of the twins ;) )

I bought 12 skeins of yarn (G-B Bamboo touch) in white. Each skein was just 1.50 Euro a skein and will be overdyed, once I decided which colourscheme I want for the second baby blanket
( I'm working on OpArt in eggplant/heathered green for the first twin at the moment).

Yesterday we also picked up 2 beds for the twins. They are used (a friend of my sister sold them to us) and we got them (with a lot of sheets and covers) for 100 Euro total! WhooHoo!

Kids are expensive but so far we have made faboulous deals and we couldn't be happier!

I'll try to finish my second maternity top today but there will be no pictures until my laptop is fixed!

Have a great easter weekend!


Isabelle hat gesagt…

You guys have been busy! Hope you feel better soon and can get some rest. Happy Easter!

Summerset hat gesagt…

Wow - you did get some really nice bargains, especially since you're buying for two children! Get some rest and take it easy.

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

You made a great choice in a stroller! We had the same one until they were about 2 or 3 and then we got a chariot (another 700eur). The good news is that you can always resell it!

Yes, babies are expensive, especially twins, but somehow we all get through it! You guys are doing great!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi, Sigfried & Roy are looking great.

On expences: Most of the stuff you'll need can be borrowed from friends or bought used via German ebay, perhaps? Or maybe the classified ads in the local paper. The babies don't know the latest models of anything, after all, but they might very well be affected by parents stressing out about the costs.

Let me see if I have some toys and games around the house. (Baby cots and such beeing long gone, I'm afraid). Oh, BTW, Emil slept in his stroller when he was a newborn. I was easier that way, both to transport him about, and to soothe him to sleep. (You roll the stroller baack and forth, baack and forth, baack and forth...