Sonntag, März 07, 2010

Out of order

that's what I am since Friday.
I had some weird tummy aches on thursday evening, while babysitting the 3.5 months old daughter of my friend. So I took some magnesium when I came home at midnight and things got a lot better.

Next morning I was still aching, so I took some more magnesium and after an important meeting at work I called my doc ( it was 9.30 then and they open at 10...). I got an appointment at 12 p.m.. The doc things it was an early contraction, so I'm going to stay at home for the next week and relax, relax and relax. Damn. I had hoped, that the first problems would occur later. I was pretty panicy but the doc increased my daily dose of magnesium from 120 mg to 600 mg (or whatever the weight is) and since friday I haven't had any problems.

So, here's my small tummy (18 weeks now)

and these are the trousers I made from pattern no. 124, burda mag issue 08.2005
Size 38
adjustments: added length (but not enough, these are very short trousers)

I'm not happy with the inset for the tummy, it is very low and I can't wear a lot of tops with it. The button elastic at the "waist" isn't really comfortable either
(I know the pic is horrible, for my review I need to take another one but I guess I will have more luck with my tripod instead of telling DH what to do...)

It seems that the trousers are sagging at the rearside too :( I have borrowed tons of maternity trousers from my friends, so I don't think I will make another pair and at least for my figure I can't recommend the pattern.

Other things I've finished the last few weeks:
A pair of socks FOR ME!

Pattern: Sky master pattern by Cat Bordhi from her book "New pathways for sock knitters)
Yarn: Knitpicks Memories (100% Merino) in Redwood Forest
Needles: 3mm dpn
I hope that they won't felt as easily as my other socks from a KP yarn

And I've done some spinning, so I can make progress on my handspun cardigan

Fibre: Romney, that Sarah-Jane got me at Rhinebek and that I dyed myself.
(My ravelympics project)


Katharine in Brussels hat gesagt…

Hang in there, Tini. 18 weeks is the halfway point for pregnancy. Everything will go fine, it sounds like your body has just sent you the signal to slow down for that cozy twosome. Rest, and knitting, are wonderful medicines. Knit now, while both hands are free and you have a lot of quiet time off work at home.

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Enjoy the rest, Tini! Think of all the knitting you'll be able to achieve :)
Lovely baby bump :D

Bobbi hat gesagt…

You look great...even if you don't like how the pants look. Rest well, my friend!

Amelie hat gesagt…

Hope the magnesium and the relaxation work!

KayB hat gesagt…

Oh wow... that's half time (or almost, but with twins you never know). You look good with your tummy and as others said: relax, relax, relax....

cc22 hat gesagt…