Sonntag, April 18, 2010

10.000 stitches

to go! (Or nearly) Then I will be finished with the OpArt blanket I'm knitting for one of the babies.
I'm at the part where it says: Work 18 rounds of colour A. The first round had 552 stitches, I have knit 2 round of colour A, so 16 to go, meaning around 9.000 stitches.

Problem is: I can't sit at the moment or lay down. My back ribcage just hurts like I have bruises all over. I thought I might get sciatica-problems due do having a hollow-back (sway-back?) but no, my ribcage aches if I sit wrong and then I can't sleep, causing my back to become denser and denser.

Having my tummy expand from 70cm to 98 cm in the course of say, 4 months, is an accomplishment for my body and somehow I think, it has to make up for that. I'm going to see a masseuse tomorrow and I'm now swimming once a week.

I hope, that the pains will lessen somehow, since I need to knit another blanket for baby 2 and somehow I have a feeling, that I won't have that much knitting time, once the twins are here!

Oh, and I ordered a laptop. We got a bonus from our employer, so I have some unexpected money and I ordered an inexpensive dell! So in about 3-4 weeks I should be able to post pictures of me and the huge tummy!


frauschlamuser hat gesagt…

Oh - a Dell! That's a good choice.I do have a Dell as well, and I am absolutely happy with it!

And if you really don't manage to finish the blankets because of your backpains, I am sure, we will help you. Just like the "Santa-Socke"-thing. :-)

Get well soon!

KayB hat gesagt…

Oh wow.... show us that tummy! :-)
I got myself a Dell too, and I'm quite happy with it (but they delivered within 1.5 weeks!) - long waiting time 3-4 weeks! Anyway, hope you're feeling better soon.

Lara900 hat gesagt…

Hallo Tini,

weiter alles gute fuer die Schwangerschaft und die beiden Minis im Bauch!!!!

Falls Du ein Stillkissen von irgendwoher kriegen kannst, eines, was man auch als lange gerade "Wurst" hinlegen kann (also nicht eines von den Hufeisendingern) -- das hilft vielen Frauen beim Schlafen, einfach verschiedene Positionen ausprobieren.