Mittwoch, August 18, 2010

1 month!

Hi everybody,

the twins are over 1 month old already. Heiko will be back at work tomorrow. I hope, that the two and I will get along alone too... *sigh* We have entered the phase "crying for an hour in the evening" already. I hope, they won't do that during the day or I will be walking A LOT.
But the two are growing well and are darn cute, even if I say so myself.

BUt I promised more pictures of gift.
One really really cool gift we got, is a quilt from my sewing friends. 17 women worked on the fairytale quilt. They started in Feburary and the quilt was finished short before the delivery. Every one of them wrote a bit for a book, that came along with the quilt. you can find the story and detailled pictures here (in German but the pictures are great, even if you can't read German. The kids love the quilt:There are more gifts here, but I need to take good pictures of them too.

But I can also share an FO. The socks for my midwife are done and already with the new owner ;)

Pattern: Waving Lace socks from "Favourite Socks"
Yarn: 74gr Araucania Ranco Multi
Needles: 2mm circular needle
size 40 European

The pattern is pretty easy but not too boring. Perfect for my not up to its standard brain :)


Garnprinzessin hat gesagt…

Booooaaaah, diese Decke ist aber mal suuuuperschön! :-)

Liebe Grüße von der


nowaks nähkästchen hat gesagt…

Die sind aber auch süß!

(Man kann Tragetücher so binden, das man eines links und eines rechts trägt... und wenn sie größer sind eines vorne und eines hinten. Es geht sogar eines vorne und zwei hinten, aber die Variante brauchst du nicht. Meine Freundin fand das mit ihren Zwillingen sehr hilfreich... ;-) )

Sigrid hat gesagt…

Oh Tini, I missed the news by being away and not reading all posts. GRATULIERE, I'm happy to read all's well with you and the twins. Enjoy them together with Heiko.

BrusselsSprout_Katharine hat gesagt…

Your girls look so tranquil together. It's scary the first few days alone (hug). Sorry that they cry for an hour in the evening. I do babywearing and it dramatically changed my daughter from crying to hardly every crying, even now when she's teething.
The fairty tale quilt is gorgeous, lovely to send with a handmade book too.

Isabelle hat gesagt…

The quilt is outstanding! What a work of love. That certainly speaks for your own wonderful personality, you know :)
I really hope the last couple of days went well despite Heiko's going back to work. That's a beautiful, peaceful picture of your babies. :)
The socks are gorgeous, BTW! I bet your midwife was thrilled.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Die Decke ist der Hammer! Richtig, richtig toll!