Montag, September 13, 2010

2 months

Hi everybody,

thank you for your nice comments and emails. I have seen a specialist and I have gotten mediciation, so I'm a lot better. I will have to take my pills for a couple of weeks and will need help for some time. Heiko is good help too, I don't know what I would do without him. He is getting up at night and when he is at home, he is taking care of the twins (or at least of one of them).

The twins are doing really fine. They are nearly two months old now and have put on some weight. They are around 4 kg now. I think, they will make another "jump" in their development soon. Today was a day, that you better forget soon. They were pretty cranky all day long.

The last two months taught me a lot:

  • I have the best family ever
  • You can't plan life or with small twins, you can't plan tomorrow or even the afternoon
  • I learned to be gratefull for small things like 10 ml mor formular drunk or a stinky diaper

  • 64 divided by 4 is not 17 nor 18

  • If I'm not well, I don't knit. If I don't knit, I'm not well

  • If you are not well, seek help. Sometimes do need a specialist, so go see them. Everything is easier to cure, if you trat the illness early
I'm leaving you now. I hope to post again soon, as I have gotten tons of stuff in the mail (THANK YOU!) and I'm actually knitting again (plain vanilla, but still...)

Here's a picture of E & M :) Enjoy ;)


Summerset hat gesagt…

Glad to hear you're doing better! It does get easier as time goes by, so do enjoy your lovely twins as they grow.

yasmin hat gesagt…

ich schicke eine virtuelle umarmung und wünsche alles gute und liebe und was du sonst brauchst! :-)


Valerie'sownsewingblog hat gesagt…

Sending you hugs & thinking of you. The girls are gorgeous but you are right - you can't plan anything! I used to find it hard to get going with just one baby. It will get easier trully!

Susanne hat gesagt…

It's great that you're doing better, and that the twins are thriving. They look gorgeous.

You will be able to make plans (and stick to them) eventually, just not now. It will get easier, I swear.

Hugs to you (and give one to Heiko as well, please),


BrusselsSprout_Katharine hat gesagt…

They're so much bigger already! Their personalities are coming out on their faces.
Yes, it's a big lesson to learn that planning ahead is tough with young babies. Best to accept life for what it is. They will get older and more organized in their habits. Already at 7.5 months sometimes I change M's nappy to find it's still dry! Sometimes she naps for an hour! Very soon they will start playing more by themselves. You'll see. Your girls are blossoming.

karin hat gesagt…

They are so cute Tini!
I´m glad you are feeling better

Annika hat gesagt…

What gorgeous girls! I too am glad to hear you're doing better. I'm doing better, too!

Cheery cheers,

Christina hat gesagt…

Your girls are adorable! Life changing, right? I can't even imagine handling two of them. I'm glad to hear you are getting better too. Best wishes!

KayB hat gesagt…

Schoen zu hoeren, dass es bergauf geht. All the best!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

It's good to read this post, Tini!
Thank you so much for the card. It really made my day and I treasure it. Your baby girls are so beautiful.

Good luck with everything - take good care!


mem hat gesagt…

Oh Tini they are beautiful . Dont you just look at them sometimes and feel so amazed?? Thats when you arent feeling so completely exhausted.My boys are 17 and I still look at them and am amazed. It does get easier but do be VERY kind to yourself. Love Marianne in Australia.

Gigi hat gesagt…

Oh my gosh, Tini, I had no idea you had twins! They are so beautiful, congratulations!