Dienstag, November 09, 2010

weird stuff

Sometimes I wonder how product designers come up with their new ideas.
A couple of days the postman brought a small parcel from the online shop where we shop for our 2 legged feline friends. I wondered if I had ordered something that was not included in the last big parcel or if I had participated in some raffle or so.

But no, it was just a gift from them


Yes, it is what you are thinking. It's an advent kalendar for our cats. HUH? I mean, we don't buy special gifts for christmas for our cats (and to be honest, our kids are not getting gifts this year too. They can't understand christmas at all and they don't even bother about opening gifts, so next year will be the first year for us to buy them gifts. I might sew them cute dresses but that is a big MAYBE) So I think, it's pretty weird to have advent calendars for cats....


maria hat gesagt…

I don't get it either (but I can't remember the cat's birthdays or anything anyway..)
But I did get a Haribo adventcalender for Dennis and a Kinder Milch-thingy calendar (sort of as a joke, because he asked me if he could get a Kinder egg some time ago) for Rasmus...

Anonym hat gesagt…

"2 legged feline friends"

Walking cats?


Liebe Grüße aus Francoforte

Annika hat gesagt…

Yeah, the advent calendar for cats is a bit weird and over the top. People think they have to give me all sorts of cat-oriented things, like cat-themed towels, or cat statues, or cat stationery...Ummm...yeah. Don't need that stuff, thanks very much. I have a REAL cat and don't need items that remind me of cats...