Dienstag, Januar 18, 2011


So, before I don't blog because I haven't gotten the pictures onto my laptop that I took from a lot of things, I want to show you, I thought I write an entry anyway.

I'm making good progress with the 40 new recipes challenge. So far I made not 1 new recipe but two.

First I made carrot-coconut-ginger soup (not pumpkin :) ), which was a basic soup with carrots, some creme of coconut, cream and ginger in it. It was quiet good but I think I prefer pumpkin-soup.

The recipe came from the Hörzu Heimat magazine (which has an article about the Hamburg Knit Night, that's why I bought it :) ) There are a few interesting "Knödel" recipes in there, that I might try out too.

Second I made a chickpea-tomatoe-peanut casserole. Heiko liked that one but I thought it was kind of bland. I can't really tell what I did not like about it, since I really like the ingredients but I thought it was lacking something...

I will try the next recipe this week but will modify it, since I do have some "Stollen" (a sweet bread with nuts, candied oranges and raisins in it) that I want to use for that :)

Parting shot:

this time my knitting is the parting shot :) My friend Sarah-Jane got a pair of socks from me this year. The yarn was called "Rüdiger" which totally reminded me of "the little vampire", so these socks are my little-vampire-socks :)

Btw. Sarah-Jane is working on a sockyarn blanket. If you have leftover sock yarn or unwanted sockyarn, please contact me.


pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

Vorteile hat, wer lesen kann... :)

Glückwunsch zu den ersten beiden Rezepten!!!

Alles, alles Liebe
Deine Anja

Anonym hat gesagt…

Wow, gleich schon zwei Rezepte! Ich finde das ja durchaus ambitioniert, 40 neue Rezepte auszuprobieren. Aber ein toller Vorsatz (und ich lese gerne darüber, was es war und ob es geschmeckt hat).
Liebe Grüße,
Pia Pessoa