Donnerstag, Februar 03, 2011


I have a fellow Raveller coming over this afternoon and of course I had to bake something.
I had read about Friedas Nusszopf (it's a swirly nut cake with yeast-dough) on (which is like just in German) and people raved about it.

So I gave it a try, since I had all the ingredients for the dough at hand and just needed to buy nuts.

It's awesome and not even hard to make! I did not add the glazing, since I *cough* had to try it when it was still warm, since it smelled so delicious. I had a co-worker over last night and I made her try it as well. She asked for a second helping :)

This is my 5th new recipe for this year and def. a winner!
(If you want an English translation I'll ask the original poster for permission, just let me know!)


KayB hat gesagt…

oh yummy..... I have to have a look at that recipe! :-)

Marie-Christine hat gesagt…

Well, it's perfectly reasonable to test the result of a new recipe before you inflict it upon an innocent bystander :-). Look yummy..

BrusselsSprout_Katharine hat gesagt…

What--it was easy? That looks irresistible. I'm impressed with your first success on this recipe! It looks so complicated.

Mara hat gesagt…

I loved it! ..and my bf, too :)

pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

Oh my, I missed a post!
Huch? Da wäre mir ja beinahe diese Köstlichkeit durch die Lappen gegangen... ts...