Dienstag, Februar 01, 2011

Lots to show

This post has been written in my head for 20times or more. Somehow time is limited with the twins and/or I'm just too tired or not in the mood to resize my pictures.... you get the picture.

But the twins are napping at the same time (wonder!!!!) and I thought, I use the time. So I have tons to tell/show you.

First up a christmas gift, that I made (twice)

The pattern is the Margaret Sling bag, which is unfortunately no longer available for free (I'm just happy, that I downloaded it before it retired)
The fabric is from IKEA. Stupid me cut out one of the sections in the wrong direction and I had to go back to IKEA 3 days before christmas..... argh...
(I know, that the picture is crappy but I needed to take a quick picture before mailing it off...

If you have the pattern: give it a shot. It's a great bag!

Next up:
Spinning meeting. I was able to attend a spinning meeting in January. Having a day off and watching so many skilled spinners was a real treat for me. (Since I don't have permission to show faces, you just get a very cropped picture)

I'm working on a long term project. I'm a fairly unexperienced spinner and spinning for a garment is a first for me. I hope, that this will become enough yarn for a vine yoke cardigan one day. There are over 500gr of roving for me to spin up (might be a kilo, I need to check the recipt I got....) So far I filled 3 bobbins and I can't see that the huge amount of roving got less.... It ball reminds me of an add for Swiffer....

Knittingwise I finished a gift for a friend. By now I guess she has received it, so it's safe to show a picture. M. just would not lay still for the picture :) The twins are getting more mobile every day...
Pattern: Baby yours by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
The pattern is awesome. I'm working on a second cardigan right now, but converting it to having fewer seams, since I'm short on yarn (Superlana by Lana Grossa. So far nice to work with...)

And last not least: My recipe challenge. So far I have made 4 new recipes. The latest beeing rhubarb-marzipan muffins and "Kirschmichel". I have a picture of the Kirschmichel on my phone, I just need to download that, so until then you'll have to be happy with pictures of the muffins and the carrot-ginger-coconut soup

Time for the girls to get up :)


pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

Uhhhh Ohhhhh - sooo viele schöne neue interessante Fotos!!!
Lecker Rezepte (Mmmmmmmmmmöhrchensuppe :)), die Muppies (so sagt mein Papa immer zu Muffins) sehen köstlich aus und das Jäckchen ist sooooo niedlich!
Ganz zu schweigen von dem Inhalt...

Weiterhin aaaaaaaaaaaaalles Liebe
von Anjalein

Pssssst.....Sag mal, mit welchem Programm verkleinerst Du Deine Foddos? Soll ich Dir mal Picasa empfehlen? Über Picasa geschieht der Upload automatisch und Du kannst per Mausklick die Bilder vergrößern oder verkleinern...das geht gaaaanz einfach!

Susanne hat gesagt…

Writing posts in your head - I know all about that.

For my handspun Vine Yoke cardigan I only needed 500 grams. I think I'm wearing a bigger size than you. That ball looks like it might be a whole kilo. But then I spun the yarn fairly worsted so I might have gotten bigger yardage out of the 500 grams.

And I love the bag, the baby sweater (and the baby), and the food. Looks like you're having good times. (And I hope there's more of that in stock.)

Anonym hat gesagt…

The muffins look very good and I am curious about Kirschmichel.
Have a good time,
Pia Pessoa

Summerset hat gesagt…

Very nice! I bet it was nice to get out for a day and do some spinning. It is good to have a break every once in a while.

Annika hat gesagt…

The muffins and soup look yummy and the cardi is super cute. You've been verrrrrry busy!
I am going to try to make those muffins soon.

madonnaearth / ravelry hat gesagt…

Those look delicious!