Samstag, März 19, 2011

Sewing UFO is looking for a good home

O.k. This is a pre-pregnancy sewing project. A jacket from an Onion-pattern (that I don’t have at hand right at this moment) a straight 38 according to their measurements.
Fabric: A pink-wool blend
What is left to do: Hem the sleeves (started on one but messed with the bagging of the lining …) And close the seam, where I turned the right side out after attaching the lining. I also had planned to make a small belt to close the jacket. I’m going to give the remaining fabric to the person, who adopts this ufo for some kind of closure…

Why do I give this away? My body changed after the pregnancy. Even if I’m close to my pre-pregnancy weight, my body shape isn’t and I don’t think it will be soon. So this jacket just don’t fit anymore. Plus, the style is just not me esp. I have cut my hair pretty short. I just look like MOB. If you are interested, please send me an email to tini(ahead)schrott(dohot)freenet(dohot)de (you know how to change that ;) )

Edit to add: Since Rhonda asked about the size. It's a size 38 EU. I find, that the onionpatterns are similar to burda patterns, when it comes to sizes. So this would be like a size 12 burda patterns. A table of measurements (also in English) can be found here on the burdastyle site.


Rhoto hat gesagt…

Hello Tini!!
Don't know if you pretty jacket already has a new home... but, could you add what size it is??
Warm greetings from Montreal,

Rhoto hat gesagt…

Now I think your beautiful jacket will find its "fit" home ;)
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal