Dienstag, März 08, 2011

Simple pleasures

Thank you all, for your kind words regarding my black eye. It's been nearly two weeks since I fell and you can still see the bruise in my face but it's getting a lot better! I had headaches for a couple of days but nothing serious. I might have a little scar on my right eyelit but that is nothing serious. I'm so glad!

The last couple of days I indulge in simple pleasures, that I want to share with you.

Schrot und Korn
, a German magazine about health food had an article on breakfast recipes in their latest issue. I have to admit, that breakfast is one of my main meals of the day. I love breakfast! And I love grains. I like muesli, I like all kinds of porridge and so on. So I had to try out their recipe for Kasha, since I'm always on the hunt for buckwheat recipes.

I can tell you, it's yummy! ( I think it is recipe 10 or so for my 40-recipe challenge) Today I made Pancakes using their recipe too (recipe 11). Also recommended!

Last weekend one of Heikos co-workers was over for breakfast. Since it was already close to lunch, I also made some soup, using Bonnies recipe for Brokkoli-noodle-soup. It was an instant success!

Easy, comfort food!

As for knitting (and sewing but I haven't sewn a stitch in ages....). I finished a couple of things but I can't show most of them just yet. Yesterday I needed a quick sucess, since I had to frog a dishcloth the second time around and I don't think, that a dishcloth should be so much work... So I made a very very very simple one instead (cast on and finished it yesterday. Stashbusting...)


pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

Hey Tini,
wie schön, wieder von Dir zu hören! Mir geht es wie Dir, ich lieeebe Frühstück - bei mir gibt es gekochte Hirse mit Vollrohrzucker, ein bisschen Zimt und Banane. Mmmmmmhhhh......
Im Winter muss es bei mir immer warm sein!

Alles Liebe und viel Spaß beim rezeptieren!

BrusselsSprout_Katharine hat gesagt…

Tini, glad to hear you're on the mend. Yeah, that's frustrating when a simple project gets complicated. Do crocheted dishcloths insulate well? I saw some beautiful ones on sale at the hospital's Cancer Support Fund but I didn't know if they would protect my hands from a hot dish. I bought chocolate instead to support the cancer drive.