Samstag, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Socks

(First of all, thank you all for your comments on my last blogpost. It's great to see, that so many of you care! Hugs! I'm one happy girl here!)

So, a while ago my friend Annika and I were chatting over at facebook about how the snow was kind of getting on our nerves (and Annika loves snow). I asked Annika, if she would mind, if I was making her some socks (she got a couple of pairs (3 I think) from me and I know, that she likes them and treats them well). Her respond was something along the lines of "of course not!!!!" and we settled on a colour: spring green.

Mmmhh, spring green is one of those colours that you don't find, when you are looking at my stash. So I browsed Ravelrys "search stashes for sale" and came up with this

Since most patterns would be obscured by the pooling of the yarn, I chose Lindsay by Cookie A.. (Frau Schlamuser has a Cookie A. challenge, for those who are interested...)

That I finished the socks after the first pattern repeat is a small wonder and I managed it, just because I had the idea of using a crochet hook for the k4tog (the sssk were no problem though..). Without the crochet hook our neighbours would have witness a small fire in our garden (burning the evidence :) ).

The pattern itself is well written and totally doable (with said crochet hook). To me it looks like eggshells stacked ontop of eachother. The colour of the yarn reminds me of marbled eggs on Easter grass, thus the name Easter Socks (and they arrived in NY just in time for Easter :) ).

The only thing I found weird was the toe, which is constructed with short rows and then grafted together. I'm not sure, if I'm really fond of that. The garter stitch heel on the other hand is pretty cool.

And here are the socks in all their glory

Aren't those happy Easter socks??


Isabelle hat gesagt…

This yarn is absolutely wonderful, and so perfect for Spring! The socks are lovely. Such a great Easter gift for your friend :)

KayB hat gesagt…

oh... I love the colour combination!!!
A very Happy Easter to you & your family!!!

KarenP hat gesagt…

Beautiful and Springy!

Annika hat gesagt…

These are the coolest Easter socks ever made. Period! I am pretty sure they're magical, too. Happy Easter, Tini! Thank you for these super cuties!

pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

Liebe Tini, die Socken sind pretty AND pink!