Sonntag, April 03, 2011

Yarn bombing in Kiel

So, DH, the twins and I were shopping yesterday (one of the baby-clothes stores in Holtenau had a "warehouse" sale and I went there on Friday but yesterday I decided, that the kids need summer hats of the thin jersey variety. Not that I would be able to sew them myself... but I digress.

After shopping we went for a little walk since the kids needed their nap and look what I found there.


(Note: I managed to figure out how to transfer files from my phone to my laptop. It took a while since the files wouldn't show up in the program I installed but I managed it in the end. Plus now I have one of my favourite songs as my ringtone...)

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Kerstin hat gesagt…

Auch eine Möglichkeit, seinen Stash zu verkleinern. Falls man mal niemanden hat, dem man Socken, Mützen oder Handschuhe stricken kann! ;)