Dienstag, Mai 31, 2011

Home from Denmark

Hello there,

missed me? I've been on vacation with DH and the twins! Blaavand (sorry, I can't get the circle above the a, so I'm writing it with a double a. Hope that is fine with my Danish reader(s)) was our destination where we had rented a lovely summerhouse close by.

We stayed in Ho, which is the home"town" of Hostrik, a very small but very well stocked knitting store (this is, after all a knitting and sewing blog). Ho itself is otherwise pretty boring but a peaceful place that invites you to go for a walk.

But the beach in Blaavand is so beautiful, that we did not mind driving 5 minutes 8 minutes to get there :)

I especially like what they did with the old bunker from WWII
Maria Denmark visited us for the weekend and we had a blast. But we took all the pictures with HER with her camera, so no pics of us together...

We knitted a lot and chatted a lot and saw deer in our backyard:

And I finished something (which was good since I did buy stuff and got so much lovely yarn from Maria too)

Pattern: Entangled Stitches by Julia Müller/Laris Design
Yarn: Opal handpainted
made for: Saskia

Awesome pattern! I will absolutely make that for myself again :)

I'll be writing more at another time, kids want mum

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Konlottina hat gesagt…

Da war ich so hin und weg von dem großen Foto Deiner Beiden, dass ich diesen Post glatt übersehen hatte. Dabei hatten wir im ersten Urlaub mit dem ersten Kind auch ein Ferienhaus in Ho gemietet und den wohl schärftsen Flohmarkt aller Zeiten erlebt. Der Schafsmarkt in Ho war damals legendär, nur dass wir das nicht wußten.
Liebe Grüße