Sonntag, Juli 10, 2011

a lot of cooking

attention: lots of food pictures will follow ;)

So I'm still trying to make at least 1 new recipe each week. Some weeks I don't succeed some weeks I make several. It has been pretty warm here, so we mostly have light lunch (read sandwiches) and most evenings I'm just too tired to cook something new but just throw whatever is in the fridge together and improvise but I digress.

What did we have for lunch today? In fact the same thing as yesterday: pasta-salad

The recipe is very yummy. I pretty much followed it as written I only omitted the olives since I just don't like olives. I added mini mozarella-cheese balls instead. We were invited to a pot-luck and everybody thought it was a winner. I agree!

For something a bit more unusual:
Millet with cream

DH and I think, it's a winner too. As you can see I made it with cherries instead of strawberries but since I have tried the strawberry-version and it's great too. The only thing I would (and have) change is leaving the raisins off. Ours were way too hard and didn't enhance the taste at all...

I've been trying new baking recipes as well

This cake is called "Mole-cake" (no moles inside but cherries and bananas) because it's supposed to look like a molehill. The recipe came from "Dr. Oetker Freude am Backen"

The cake is very moist and spongy. Perfect.

And since I do love yeastdough. Apricotswirl-cake

Tonight I'm going to make soup using red bellpeppers and mascarpone... and next week will be baking-galore since the twins first birthday is coming up!


K. hat gesagt…

Oh wow... that apricot swirl cake looks really yummy, but then so do the other things. Any chance getting a link/recipe for the apricot swirl?
And then... I can't believe it's already a year that the twins arrived! Time flies! :-)

karin hat gesagt…

I have to agree with "K" would also like the recipe for the apricot swirl.
Looks like you´ve been busy lately, nice work

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ich werfe meine Hirse ungewaschen ins kalte Wasser, zusammen mit dem Rosinen, koche auf und stelle den E-Herd ab, wenns kocht. Dann noch quellen lassen. Die Rosinen sind dann sehr saftig (und süßen, da ich keinen Zucker reintue). Die Weiterverarbeitung mit Quark, Sahne und Früchten muss ich mir merken!

LG, Pia Pessoa

Annika hat gesagt…

Ha ha! When I was a teenager I wrote a continuing story called "Revenge of the Mole-People". I'm pretty sure they would have loved that mole cake of yours! So would I come to think of it. :)

Katharine hat gesagt…

YUM! Everything you made looks delicious!

Hard raisins: try soaking them in boiling water first to soften. Then they'll be plump and irresistible.