Montag, Juli 25, 2011

Tour de fleece 2011

So, the tour de fleece (and the tour de France) is over.
This was my first year participating and I had lots of fun and managed to get more spinning done in the 21 days than I did during the last year. I mostly spun during the kids lunchtime nap or in the evenings.

(for those amongst my readers, who don't spin: the tour de fleece is a big spin-along held on ravelry. There are tons of teams starting and basically you set your own goals and you spin every day the racers of the tour the France are racing :))

My goal was to spin every day and get some work done on some gray Merino roving that I had purchased in 2009 or 2010. I had started on the kilo in January, spinning a bit here and there but I guess I started with around 850gr when the tour begann. Now 21 days of spinning later I have around 30gr left, 5 very full bobbins and 4 big skeins of 4ply yarn:

I needed a break from all that gray roving one day and spun up some samples a fellow spinner from Kiel gave me and plyed it with some left over singles from a previous spinning project. That skein is on the right side of the picture ;)

I'm so happy that I participated and will be in the race next year again (since I got a biiiiig honking ball of roving from Sarah Jane in the loveliest burgundy colour. I need to get a picture of that....)


...AnnaRose... hat gesagt…

If your grey merino is from Wollknoll then I am spinning exactly the same fibre like you right now. I didn't participate in the Tour but I started spinning more regularly again with the goal to get to the 10min a day again.
Do you already have plans for your yarn?


Isabelle hat gesagt…

Way to go, Tini! That is a lot of spinning for TdF. I really admire you, achieving this much with two toddlers!
(I started spindle-spinning lately, and after practising blissfully on a friend's wheel, am going to get a spinning wheel in a couple of weeks, so this is extra interesting to me!).
Your spinning is beautiful, the 4-ply looks so cushy, and the colour is so soft and lovely!

How did you ply them BTW?

Annika hat gesagt…

Congratulations! Your yarn is marvelous. You know you got me addicted to spinning in 2009, but I have bravely held off buying a wheel until my fabric stash is under control...luckily there is a big fabric stash sale in October where I will be selling off lots and lots of fabric (unless Karin wants some of it when she comes for a visit next month!)