Montag, August 29, 2011

The sweater,that grew

Hi everybody,

welcome back :) (just listening to a ton of podcasts ;) )

I know, that it has been a while again but somehow the days just fly by and I seldom have energy left to blog. Mostly I do try to clean, do laundry or just knit a couple of rows when the kids are sleeping during the day and I really enjoy just beeing with DH in the evenings, so no energy left to blog but I digress.

I have FOs to show you. Yeehaaa!!

First: The kids christening jackets. Instead of trying to sew the girls matching dresses (deadlines and sewing just don't match here...) I knitted them jackets to wear over the purchased summerdresses.
Pattern: Baby Mine by Stephanie Pearl McPhee
Size: 6 months width and 12 months length since the girls are so slim :(
Yarn: Schöller & Stahl Bahia, that I got for very little money. The yarn is kind of splitty and I was happy once the second jacket was cast off :)

E. modelling the jacket

I need to see if my BIL has some decent pictures of both girls in the jackets :)
The pattern is very well written and the knitting didn't take too long. Just finding and sewing on buttons took FOREVER.

Next I finished a sweater for me. Out of stashyarn since I did participate in a Sweater KAL on the stash and burn group on ravelry. I really loved the KAL, it kept me focused on the sweater (but that wasn't too hard since I really don't feel like knitting on dads socks...)

The pattern is Sahara by Wendy Bernard. A very cool and clever design. Top Down with set-in-sleeves that you knit on. So no sewing required.

Yarn: GGH Maxima. A really nice 100% Merino superwash
Of course I made a swatch. In fact I swatched twice since my swatch grew when washed.

I tried the sweater on as I went, keeping in mind, that the swatch grew, so I made it pretty snug. After finishing I blocked it lightly. Just soaking it and putting it to dry on a pulloverrack without stretching.

And it grew. The body now fits fine (o.k. I do have a tummy, so it could have grown a bit more there ;) ) but the shoulders? I now have dropped shoulders and they are really unflattering. Man, I'm so disapointed! Gnarf.... I need to figure out how to shorten the shoulderwidth without having to rip back the whole sweater....


Valerie hat gesagt…

Tini I'm no knitter, as you know so this is a sewing solution: how about threading some shirring elastic along the shoulder seams to bring them up a bit? You could do it to the neckline as well for some further stability. The photo of E is adorable and it is good to see you looking so well. xx Val

Rebecca hat gesagt…

that pic is so sweet!
i love your sahara - i have pattern and hope to one dayknit it too
i was going to suggest maybe grosgrain ribbon along shouler seems in an attempt to stabilize them and give them back their intended shape but the elastic threadsuggested by valerie seems even better.

pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

Adorable Picture!!!!

Ganz liebe Grüße
von Anja

Kathleen C. hat gesagt…

I have that sweater pattern as well... bummer about the stretching yarn! With that construction I wonder if the elastic shoulder shirring isn't the only way other than undoing? Good luck!
By the way... I am now a great niece to two new baby twin girls! So I am looking at your two adorable ones with the image of my g-nieces, little Allysa and Brianna, in my head.

Annika hat gesagt…

I don't have any good suggestions, but I think it is a beautiful garment. It really is a crying shame that you weren't born in the late 1700's because the sloping shoulder thing (which I also have) was very fashionable in the 1810s-1820s. Alas, you and I were born in the wrong century, that's all!

nowaks nähkästchen hat gesagt…

Nimm Satinband und halte die Schultern ein. Satinband von Hand auf der Naht annähen mit normaler Nähseide.

Löst solche Probleme oft. :)