Donnerstag, August 18, 2011

Woolfest 2011

Back in July, I decided to go on a short trip with Sarah-Jane, Barbro and Malin to Woolfest up in Cumbria, UK since Heiko was still on parental leave and Sarah-Jane got a very good rate on a small cottage not too far from the place where Woolfest was held.

I had a blast (even despite the fact, that I again suffered from insomnia and thus beeing grumpy sometimes. I hope Malin and Barbro don't think too bad of me for beeing whiny...)

Sarah has some great pictures up on her blog of the cottage we stayed in, so check out her blog too!

Here are some pictures from Woolfest!

Cumbria hills!
Awesome stalls!
Alpaca and sheep....
Walls next to me on the very steep hills (on the other side it was going downhill). I was pretty carsick all the time...
We spend quite a bit of time in the car and Sarah is an amazing driver. Lucky me :) otherwise I would have died from a heartattack a couple of times.

Funny thing: there were 2 people interviewing Malin and Barbro at the fleece sale (I got 1 1/3 fleeces. A BFL fleece and a third of a Saxxon Merino. So soft, I have had it processed and it came out great!) The people asked if they could take a picture of us and here it is. We are in Knit Magazine (the picture is courtesy of Knitmagazine and I say thank you for allowing me to use it)

Of course I got some yarn but not very much.


Isabelle hat gesagt…

This sounds like so much fun! The last picture turned out really great.
Sorry about the insomnia though (I can so relate... That's the one big downside with me about traveling).

I look forward to seeing more of your fleeces :)

Annika hat gesagt…

Ohhhh... I love Cumbria! I am super jealous - except for the insomnia...I am glad though that you are getting out and about! (Not that you weren't getting out and about before or anything...)