Mittwoch, Dezember 21, 2011

Twinneedle: Folge 7: christmas tradition

It's just before christmas, so of course it's time for a christmas special. Since I haven't finished the girls dresses for christmas, this episode will have no editing or minimal editing. Sorry in advance for that.

the link to the episode.

WIPs and FOs

I finished the little sister dress by Tora Froseth Design and I even took pictures of it.
Yarn: Duvetine by Begeré de France (discontinued)

I started and finished knitting the Borough Mittens by Veronica O'Neil from the Winter bis 2011 edition of Knitty. Yarn: Aran Merino from Das-Wollschaf dyed by me.

The Eiki shawl has seen some progress to (very little though), that means I did get some yarn from a fellow raveler.

Sewingwise I'm madly sewing away at the girls christmas dresses, using the Minikrea 20002 pattern.

Christmas traditions

I talk about Advent wraths, Advent calendars, making cookies and gingerbread houses, Stollen, Straw stars, going to church, books and traditional food for christmas as well as songs :) (no fear: I'm not singing!)


Valerie hat gesagt…

Tini your little girl looks just gorgeous n her new garment. Merry Christmas to all four of you.

Lisa L hat gesagt…

What a cutie pie! :-)

BJ hat gesagt…

Yes, her eyes are soooo big! She looks like a little doll.

My mother's mother's family came from Germany in the mid-1800's, and my grandmother (whom I never met) and my mother were both very good about passing on the German traditions all through the year. We always as children had an Advent wreath and Advent calendars. We put out our shoes on St. Nicholas Day and got candy in them.

We got our tree on Christmas Eve morning, put it up and decorated it. Supper on Christmas Eve was sour potatoes and fried eggs, also on Holy Saturday. (I never liked the sour potatoes.) Then our Dad would read us Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" and then we would open our gifts. Christmas Day we had a big feast, and usually some cousins would come over to play after Church, of course. We went to Church every week.

My Mom made German Christmas cookies every year. We had lebkuchen, Springerle, chocolate drops, vanilla sticks, and more I couldn't remember. The recipes were *very* old. Some of them had to *age* before you could eat them.

On New Year's Day we always ate pork ribs and sauerkraut with mashed potatoes. For good luck.

Making your daughters dresses for Christmas is a nice tradition. I started out to do this with my oldest daughter, and I kept it up for a few years. I wish I could have continued it longer...keep it up as long as you can, Tini.

silke hat gesagt…

hach schnüpperle... habe ich letztes jahr schon bei der erdnuss angefangen, und dieses jahr stand sie tierisch drauf. inzwischen sind auch zwei weitere schnüpperle-bücher bei uns eingezogen.

sie saß mit in der küche, als ich diese folge gehört hab, und als sie dich "schnüpperle" sagen hörte hüpfte sie förmlich auf ihrem stuhl ;-)

liebe grüße und ein frohes & gesundes 2012,