Samstag, Januar 26, 2013

January gifts

Christmas is over and it seems I'm still in gift producing mode (one gift I can't show just yet, since it hasn't arrived in Finland...).
But the other two have arrived at their destination, so here they come.
First some socks for my friend Steffi
The pattern is Monkey by Cookie A., availabe via for free. The yarn is some very old Trekking XXL in the colourway Brazil. It's a shocking green IRL!

Next was a project bag for my knitting friend Frau Wo, she requested something made with the pink stretch velour/velvet I had in my stash (a gift, don't ask), but not cute. So I appliquéd a jolly roger onto some blue cotton:
The pattern is a free pattern called "japanische Knotentasche"

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