Samstag, Januar 05, 2013

Productive December

So, December has been a very productive sewing month for me. After months and months of very very little sewing, December has seen a spur of motivation. And it all boils down to the quilt of doom, that is finished and that now lives at my sisters house, since it was my wedding gift to my sister and my BIL all those years ago....
It's the disappearing nine-patch block and it's very amateurish made but for the most part with lots of love (o.k. during the actual quilting the twins would have learned new swear words but they were asleep :) ). I really don't like quilting. I do love quilts though and I admire people, who do quilt.

After the burden of the quilt of my chest, productivity levels spurred up! First the girls annual Christmas dresses (of which I don't have a better picture....) just yet.
(that's E., currently self named "Pandora" with some goggles, that were in her doctors bag, Santa brought). The pattern is Minikrea2002, the same pattern I used last year. The upper part is rayon velvet out of my stash and the skirt portion is silk crash velvet, that my friend Annika gave to me in 2008.

Since I was having a blast sewing, I decided to make some things for me, very selfish, so on Christmas this cute top was finished:

as you can see, I had plenty of food on Christmas ;) The pattern is the Day to Night top by MariaDenmark, I already put a review on patternreview but will copy it and will publish it here too!

On Christmas morning a friend brought over an unexpected gift for the girls and I had just purchased a little trinket for her daughter, so off to the stash I went and pulled out an old wader (a wrap dress for me) and made her 2 year old daughter a top, using an ottobre pattern from 2007 (yay for pattern stashes), that I have actually made before for my niece, when she was 2 years old....
As you can see, I had to be a little creative when cutting out the sleeves.Geesh, it seems I was a lot smaller 5 years ago or 6..... The top is for a 98cm tall child!

Transforming a former wadder into something cute was so satisfying, that I made another one for my girls, transforming an old shirt of mine and some remnants into a shirt as well. It's too big just now and somehow the top was a bit pulled in, when serging it to the lower part of the front, but it's still a lot cuter than the original top.... Again I had to be creative when cutting the fabric for the shirt....
5 projects finished in a month! I hope 2013 will continue that way!


Suo ergo sum. Ich nähe, also bin ich. hat gesagt…

Huhu- melde mich kurz zu den Lebenden zurück. Tini- Dein Kuschelkragen hat mir wortwörtlich den Hals gerettet. Ich habe ihn die letzten Tage nicht mehr ausbekommen- ich lag so fies flach- da war er ein willkommener Wärmer und Tröster!

Ich grüße Dich und Deine Lieben ganz herzlich- wenn ich richtig fit bin- mehr!

Deine ute

omly hat gesagt…

That quilt came out beautifully, and they look like excellent recipients of handmade things. Good job finishing it!