Sonntag, Januar 27, 2013

Some love for an unloved project

After finishing the bag for Frau Wo, I worked on the unfinished quilt a bit again and I'm kind of impressed of how much I got done.
All of the blue and yellow squares were sewn into bigger squares and the squares were all trimmed to be the same size:

I even started working on the yellow and red squares (which are already assembled but need to be cut to the same size as the blue-yellow ones).

This quilt is going to be very crooked!

And now M. leather slippers have a hole in them, so before I get back to work on the quilt I need to make new slippers!


Katharine hat gesagt…

Wow, what a stunning quilt you've made there.

Bloomsbury hat gesagt…

Auf dem Bild mit dem fertigen Quilt sieht man gar nicht, was für schöne Stoffe du verwendet hast. Aber aus der Nähe betrachtet kommen sie gut zur Geltung.