Sonntag, Dezember 01, 2013

Not what ottobre had said

Dear readers,

Christmas is getting closer and I started working on the dresses for the twins.
I really like the concept, that at least once a year I make something for the girls to wear.
Now, that I do have a bigger sewing area with actual space for the sewing things AND the ironing board close by and still be able to walk, it's a lot more likely that I will actually sew (and I had stored all of my fabrics with my smoking parents. Not the best idea I have to admit and after having to wash all of them, it was eyeopening to what I have in my stash. I need to work on that!)

So, I went digging in my pattern stash and came up with the winter 2003 issue of ottobre and a very cute pinaforestyle dress (no. 18 for those interested) with a pleated skirt.

I found two cute corduroy fabrics in my stash, that match eachother kind of. The first is the pink corduroy I used for the girls first dress for christmas and the second is a brown corduroy, which I use for the skirt part.

I cut everything out and started reading the instructions. They just don't make ANY sence.
As you can see, the dress is sleeveless. It has a facing and lining. The instructions tell you to sew up both the sideseams and the shoulderseams of both, the lfacing and the dress, then to sew the facing onto the dress closing armhole and neckopening. Then turn.

How in the world shall that work?

So, this is how I do it. First I staystitched the necklineopening and the armholeopening and now I'm first installing an invisible zipper at one seam in the center back. I did close the sideseams at the facing and the dress itself but not the shoulderseams as I'll have to turn the dress inside out at that opening.

Stay tuned for pictures and more progress report.

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nowak hat gesagt…

Ich fand das Weihnachskleid, das ich lange Zeit von meiner Oma genäht bekam auch immer toll.
Aber daß die Anleitungen von Ottobre zum in die Tonne kloppen sind, ist ja nicht neu, oder? ;-)

Ich bin aber sehr zuversichtlich, daß du das auch ohne hinbekommst.