Sonntag, Februar 16, 2014

The box of shame

So, I'm making another day-to-night drape top (pattern by my lovely co-host Maria). I'm using some really old fabric, that I can't even remember buying. When I started cutting out, I immediately saw, that I would not have enough fabric for sleeves and I wear the wool jersey one (see last post) like all of the time. It's so comfy and stylish enough for work, when I do wear black trousers. So I need another one.

I remembered that I had some white jersey left, that I used for the first incarnation of the day to night top ca. 2012. I dug around the cabinet, where I keep my jerseys. It wasn' there.

Then I remembered: when we packed everything into boxes before the big remodellling of the attic last year. My fabric was mostly in that cabinet. I figured out, since not all of the fabric I do own fits into the cabinet, I would put some stuff into a bin and sew everything up before we moved the hobby room upstairs, so that there would be no bin to be stored (o.k. at least no full bin or we could fill something else into the bin like clothes the kids have outgrown. A bin looks kind of more organized that the cardbord diaper boxes we use over and over again for that purpose).

And then we ran out of space to put stuff from the attic during the remodeling, so boxes and furniture was put into the sewing area, so I just had no space to sew (at least that is my story). The bin was brought upstairs once the shelves and the cabinet(s) were up and I kind of forgot about it (despite having to move it around to get to my yarn).

So today, when I was looking for the white jersey and it wasn't there my gaze wandered around and the bin was brought back to attention. And lo and behold, there it was. A genereous piece of white jersey.  (and a half full bin). So I got the jersey out, folded it in half and put the sleeve pattern in the middle of if and cut out the sleeves. I tossed the rest :)

And I think, I need to work on that bin. Either by using the stuff inside or usying the fabric from the cabinet and fill up all the empty spaces from that bin!

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