Sonntag, März 16, 2014

From stash to FO

So, I really try to work my stash (I just bought more fabric though) and I thought, you might like to see, what I have been finishing lately.

Since the great british sewing bee is back on tv, I'm thinking about sewing a lot (not that I sew more but at least I'm back into sewing mode mentally :) )

I finally finished the Maria Denmark Day to Night Drape top (3 incarnation)

I did modify the pattern a tiny little bit, by slashing it open from the hem to a bit below the bust and spreading it open a tiny bit to give me more room over the tummy since my fabric was a very clingy rayon-jersey.

The sleeves are from the Birgitte Basic tee again. Both fabrics are ancient stash (see two posts below) and I'm happy to have it out of my stash and into my closet!

Then there has be tons of knitting:

I made a beret for my sisters birthday
The pattern is Rustling leaves beret and it just uses 50gr of yarn, so perfect for usisng up odds and ends. I should have blocked it more though. I did cast on less stitches than the pattern says and increased after the ribbing, since the comments on ravelry mentioned, that the ribbing is somewhat big.

Then I made another pair of Pomatomus socks. I think I made two pairs in 2009 or 2008. I got a skein of hand dyed sock yarn in a white elephant swap at christmas last year and I thought that pattern might be a good match. I think, maybe plain vanilla would have been better as the pattern is a bit lost in the variation of the sock yarn.

A knitting friend of mine just had twins, so obviously I had to make something.  I made a jacket (and gave her other things as well). The pattern is a free pattern found on ravelry called Linnie and the yarn is deep deep stash, a discountinued yarn called MerinoSeta and as the name suggests it's Merino and Silk. I had two skeins in stash, not enough for anything for me since the green really is not a good colour on me.


Rebecca hat gesagt…

i like the socks - i think the pattern shows up nicely actually. i so wish i could pop out tops like day maybe ;).

Frau Vau hat gesagt…

Die Socken sind klasse, das Muster ist einfach nur schön (auch zu stricken, fand ich). Da kommt selbst wild gemusterte Wolle gut raus.

Glückwunsch auch zum wiederholten Nähen für DICHDICHDICH! Muß ja mal sein! :)