Sonntag, April 06, 2014

slow and steady wins the race

Hi there,

I thought I'd give you an update on my knitting.
I'm working pretty monogamously on my vintage sweater, so I'm making good progress despite the fact, that the whole sweater is knitted on 2.5 mm needles and sportweight yarn (I guess, it's mystery yarn without a label, so I don't get to deduct from my stashnumbers every time I finish a skein).

The pattern is "it cannot fail to please" from Susan Crawford and Jane Waller from "A stitch in time vol.1" but actually it's a vintage pattern.

As you can see I'm knitting it in the round instead of working it in pieces. I don't think, that sideseams are necessary for any kind of internal stability (I learned, that shoulderseams are a good idea though, when you have set in sleeves)

I'm at the fourth repeat, so if I would stick to the pattern I would divide for the armholes soon, but since I have a long, long torso I will add two more pattern repeats. Slow but steady! It helps, that I have time off at the moment!


Frau Vau hat gesagt…

Das Ding wird SO toll!!!
Los, weiterstricken... brav und fleißig... das WIRD!!!!! ♥

nowak hat gesagt…

Oh ja, das ist ein schönes Muster! (Der Schnitt paßt nur für mich nicht so gut, vielleicht finde ich mal die Zeit, mir das umzumodeln.)