Montag, Juni 09, 2014

more things that keep me from knitting

So, in my last post I told you,  that I had lost my knitting mojo.
I managed to finish the bodice without any problems and started knitting in the sleeves. I made progress and had to get more yarn.  Then I just found one more ball.
And I stalled out.
I never would be able to finish both sleeves with one ball of yarn.
I just could not knit on the sleeve.
So I started on a Leftie by Martina Behm
(Sorry, my tablet dislikes posting pictures)

Then I cleaned a knitting bag and what did I find?
Another ball of yarn! And I was on a roll! I finished the first sleeve yesterday and started yhe second tonight. Now the first of the two balls of yarn is nearly gone and I start to get paralysed again.  Waaaaaah.

To be continued


Anonym hat gesagt…

Sind Zwillinge nicht schon spannend und anstrengend genug? Wie kannst du dir bitte solch ein Projekt raussuchen, ohne wissentlich davon zu viel Garn zu Hause zu haben? Boah, Tini... Liebe Grüße, Barbara

fifa-munzen hat gesagt…

Es gelang mir, das Mieder ohne Probleme beenden und begann Stricken in den Ärmeln. Ich machte Fortschritte und musste mehr Garn zu erhalten. Dann fand ich gerade noch einen Ball.


FIFA Münzen