Donnerstag, April 16, 2015

A lot of sewing

and nothing to show. You might be glad to hear, that I'm kind of sticking with my plan to sew for 15 minutes each day.

Some days I don't manage to sew at all thanks to tons of appointments or just beeing reaaaally exhausted in the evenings or thanks to my 4th cold in a row but I try to make up for that the next day.

Last week I started cutting out the lining for the jackets. And I'm done with that. For some reason ironing the fabric took longer than expected. I even started sewing but managed to screw up the pockets (I ask you, how hard is it to make 2 small lined pockets. Obviously very hard. Need to recut and re-sew them)

On Saturday my sister came over and we finally started working on a skirt, for which we had bought fabric LAST year around this time. It's a lovely wool felt with roses felted into the fabric. The seller told her just to make a tube, add some darts and voilá skirt.

Somehow that did not feel right for me and I drafted her a pattern using this tutorial. So easy! I highly recommend it. Then I made her sew a lining first, so we could check the pattern I made. And it fit! I whish I had taken more pictures.
While she was sewing the lining I cut out the main fabric (here comes the only picture I took...)

I kind of liked the idea of not having side seams (less bulk and no matching of the pattern) I just pinned the pattern pieces together at the side seams directly onto the fabric and used the hip curve as a dart. Worked really well. We ended up with her needing to insert the zipper. I tried "basting" it with wondertape but either my wondertape was too old or it just doesn't like sticking to wool felt. I hope to meet up soon with her to be able to take a picture of the hopefully finished skirt.

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