Mittwoch, Mai 20, 2015

What's next

So, the jackets are done and I kind was lost. I knew there was a project that I had to start but that required a bit more planning and last week I was really short on time.
And by now I really can't talk about that project.
So I stalled out a bit and made a project bag first for one of my fellow knitters from the knit night here in Kiel

Do you see that name tag? I went to BerlinKnits a yarn festival in our capital last weekend with other knitting friends and I had a blast. I did not take any classes but enjoyed the atmosphere and did a little shopping.
Really! Just very few things came with me:

The yarn is Dye for yarn in their merino/silk blend and the fibre was given to me by the knitting friend I made the bag for.

And this is my total haul
I think, I did fairly well. I kept a lot of cards, so I know, what to buy online, if my stash is reduced in about 25 years

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